Giveaway Sunday

A lazy day for me use to be to search the Internet for giveaways dreaming of that great vacation, those HUGE diamonds, that super fast computer now?  NOW I’m all excited about Baby ITEMS!!??!  Between the cutest little tea set for Emma, the little car set for Eli….. all sorts of new items for the newest member of our family Baby T I want all kinds of baby things!  Wait!! What?!?!  When did this happen?????? I’m the GRANDMA!!!  I not supposed to get excited about a walker! (ROFLMAO!!!!!!  I made a funny!! By walker I do mean for a CHILD not for myself… I’m not that old yet)  So for today I have to share my favorite giveaway.. in case your interested in baby stuff or just a really cute blog. (I love the blog name!)  and Kolcraft have the cutest walker and “Two of a Kind” is giving one away.  Hurry this one ends soon. Wait… you don’t need a walker? HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO Have you learned nothing?  It’s all about me!!  And Nonnie’s HOUSE DOES need one!!  Now.. go… scoot.. off ya go..  (have ya ever looked at a word and thought that doesn’t look right… scoot… spell check let it slide but I just don’t know.. oh well never mind)

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