Good Day Bad Day

My brother Jay Michael Preston I feel like I’m always complaining in my blog. UGH!! That has got to stop!!!! AND YET….. here I go again. (Paaaaaleeease like you didn’t see that coming!)

It was a GOOD day because for the first time I got to babysit my PERFECT Granddaughter Emma while her Mom & Dad went to a business dinner. (just for the record the only reason this is my first babysitting opportunity is because they don’t live in California… otherwise I would make holding, cuddling and kissing Miss Emma my full time job!!) What an AWESOME night!! Emma is such a good natured baby!! No crying. No fussing. I held her almost the entire night! She is a PERFECT BABY GIRL!!!!!! Wanting to be the Grandma that sets a good example we had fruit and yogurt for dinner. Okay well, Emma had a bottle… and could have cared less that I didn’t have nachos…. I still made good choices and had fruit. (do ya like how I tied my diet in with the Grandbaby? I’m good! I tell ya!)

But it was a BAD day because today would have been my baby brother’s 47th birthday. He passed away on Christmas Eve 2008. It was just a hard day. It would have been a real easy day to bury myself in food and have an amazing pity party. Instead I played with Emma and hugged my own kids. Happy Birthday Mikey

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