Gettin’ me some will power….. soon

I did good today!!! I had a hamburger at In & Out …wait wait wait…..I can hear you now…. ‘that’s not being good!’ BUT I had it protein style. Which means without the bun. Instead it is wrapped in lettuce. It was really good and really messy! I also shared an order of fries. Which granted was not smart, I actually wasn’t going to have any…… but they smelled sooooooooo good!!!!! I couldn’t resist.

My daughter and her family are on their way back home now. So no more excuses…. I have to get back on track to loose the rest of this weight. I don’t think we have anything else coming up that revolves around food. (Right?? Guys?? Right??) Seriously!! Every get together our family has have to center around FOOD?!?! Maybe I’ll learn to say “Oh no thank you….. I’ll have celery?!?!” (ha ha ha! Connie made a funny!)

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