Week 5

I’m ready to get back to work now. Kaki and I did our walk. MAN that hill got steep over night!! I didn’t do any extra exercises this last week ………. unless we can count carrying Emma, playing with Emma, swimming with Emma……. changing Emma’s diaper. Wait…. THAT is extra exercise! MAN can that child MOVE!! When your kids are 29, 30 and 32 you forget just how much energy it takes to survive an 11 month old! HOLY MOLY!! If I could have Emma’s energy for 1 day a week I’d never have a weight problem!

So I have nothing to report for week 5. I stayed exactly the same, which is really good for me. Next week though……… look out!! I’m gonna have all sorts of weight loss to report!!! (WOW!! how about that for adding stress to my week!?!? I’m not real bright sometimes!)

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