GoPro BUBM Bag

Go Pro’s are the new best way to record every cool thing you can with technology that goes ANYWHERE, handle bars of your bike, deck of a skateboard, suction cupped to the front of a SUP board, affixed to a chest strap on your dog. The downside of all the cool stuff you can do with your GoPro is where the heck do you stash all the accessories? We have used everything from the classy gallon sized Ziploc to the hard shell pelican case that’s cumbersome and easy to talk yourself out of using.

Thank heaven for the BUBM bag, the Be Unique Be Myself Go Pro bag holds every accessory we have and there is still room for a couple more items. My favorite parts of the bag are the zipper pouches perfect for additional memory cards and various small pieces that would otherwise be lost. There is a convenient, ingenious hook at the end of the bag similar to travel makeup bags. There is a convenient strap of elastic band that runs the center of the rollout kit so that long items can be secured in a pouch and held in place by the elastic. The pouches that align both sides of the bag vary in widths which makes it even more versatile since not all accessories are created equal in size. At the far end of the kit is an encasement for the GoPro itself and other breakable items. The encasement is rectangular and has several adjustable velcro panels like a camera bag. The exterior of the encasement has a stiff plastic insert that maintains its shape and heavy duty velcro that ensures if the bag clips arent seated properly your camera isn’t going to fall out if the bag opens and unrolls during travel.

I like the colors of the BUBM Rolling Design Shockproof Carrying Cases For The Gopro as well, black weather proof camera bag canvas outside and Chartreuse interior that offsets the darkness of accessories making it easy to find what you are looking for.

My only gripe is that the pockets and elastic are on the small side. We have the handlebar and head strap and it was a bear to get them secured. The bag would benefit from having a little panel at the hook end that extends the length of the bag for easy securing but these are tiny inconveniences. I love that it rolls tightly onto itself and can be stowed in a bag during travel, worn by itself or hung up. It’s a great find and my husband was over the moon to get rid of the Ziploc!

This review was written by my daughter Selena; a regular contributor here on Peanut Butter and Whine. To learn more about Selena here.



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