Gorgeous “Engraved” Fleur De Lis LED Flameless Pillar Candles!

How many times do I gush to you guys about candles?? TONS!! I am thoroughly in love with the LED flameless pillar candles. This candle though, WOW!! This Gorgeous “Engraved” Fleur De Lis LED Flameless Pillar Candle blows all the other flameless pillar candles out of the water!! First, the candle is made of real wax. The wax has no scent so it’s perfect for those with allergies.

The candle is engraved with the Fleur De Lis design. Pictures just do not do this candle justice. It’s so pretty in person. The details are exceptional. Another thing that makes this my favorite LED candle is the fact that it arrives with 2 AA batteries already installed!! I’ve never had a candle arrive ready to use!! This was A HUGE bonus for me.

This candle has three settings. On and your candle will stay on until the battery runs out or you turn it off. Off of course turns the candle off. Timer, now this one is pretty dang cool. With the timer feature on the candle will remember your timer choice. We turned on our candle at 5pm. At 10:00pm the candle turned off. The next night the candle came on at 5pm by itself. The candle will repeat the same 24 hour cycle.

The timer feature turns your candle off in 5 hours.

The candle flickers so beautifully through the design; it’s so pretty. I truly wish I could do this candle justice with pictures.

With a large dog, 3 little Grandkids and California earthquakes LED candles are the best for me. Even if I forget to turn them off they won’t burn the house down! I’m also not worried about dripping wax on my wood furniture.

This real wax candle is 6″ tall and 3″ wide.


Not a single solitary whine from me. This is an absolutely beautiful candle. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone. This would be beautiful as a trio on you Holiday Table.



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