5 Reasons To Send Flowers

Here are my personal Top 5 times you should send Flowers.

#1. The Fight. Yup, you made her cry. Send flowers. The flowers should be bright. Cheerful and the card better have some groveling. I highly recommend adding “I was wrong” If the fight was really bad, consider adding a box of chocolates with the arrangement.

#2. Wrong Name. Oh man you really did it this time!! In a moment of airheadedness you called your wife or girlfriend your ex’s name. Who’s eyes were bigger after that slip?? Send a very large boutique of flowers. REALLY large. The card should be her name over and over and over and over. Diamonds are pretty much a given this time!

#3. Births. Did you see where your child came from?? Did you see all the pushing and contracting!? Yeah, she deserves flowers!! Don’t forget the ‘push gift’ especially if you are thinking you want any more kids!!

#4. Romance. Ahhhh trust me on this one. Flowers are romantic. When they arrive for no reason at all; flowers pack a powerful romance punch. It doesn’t matter if you need a florist in Sydney or one in San Diego bring home or send flowers and your sweetheart will feel extra special and very loved.

#5. Christmas.  These are my favorite flowers.  These flowers don’t require extra bribes.  Fresh flowers at Christmas time just seem to be extra special on their own. Of course, if this is your way of telling your Mom that you won’t be home for Christmas you should send the largest arrangement.

Okay, your turn. What would #6 be??


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