Homeselfe $250 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!!

I am trying my hardest to find all the giveaways I can for all my little Peanuts!! Check out this one!! Have you heard of Homeselfe?? I have to admit I hadn’t. Totally expecting a site where I had to show my happy home or have it take a selfie shot I headed over to see exactly what a Homeselfe was; I admit I was surprised and intrigued. Homeselfe is a way for you to do a home audit to help reduce your utility costs!! Say whaaaa?? Yup! there’s an app for that! Not only will Homeselfe send you a customized report which will include savings but they will also include rebates and offers that your local utility company has that are available to you!! WOOOO!! So, even if you don’t win this Visa Gift Card you still win with a more energy efficient home!

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More to love: Homeselfe only has a few questions and really does only take 5 minutes to get started. 5 minutes and you could possibly save 35% off your utility bill? That’s a gift that keeps on giving! The questions are easy, for instance ‘how old are your appliances?’ ‘what is the condition of your weather stripping?’ ‘is your home well insulated?’ And for those of you that are ‘selfie’ shy; no pictures needed. Ahhhh you’re welcome!!

On to the giveaway!!

There will be one winner of the $250 Visa Gift Card. Good only in the USA. This giveaway ends on 12/23/2015. Good Luck Everyone!!


  • sarah k

    I learned that even though I rent and can’t make some of the suggestions from my homeselfe I can chance the light bulbs to a more efficient kind.

  • Sarah L

    Homeselfe is a patent pending free home energy assessment app and web service for homeowners who want to learn more about their home and their home’s energy consumption.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Mandala

    I learned that the Homselfie app can help evaluate the efficiency of your home and that using Energy Star qualified products can help save a lot of money.

  • Kelly

    I learned that I can use this site to find places that my energy is not being used efficiently. I live in a really old home, and I can feel places that have a draft. I have been wanting to find ways to improve this, so I am excited to take the full test.

  • Dawn Monzu

    I learned that Homeselfe works with over 140 power companies all over the world! I had no idea they were that big! I think this is a great idea! God bless and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Barrie

    I learned that the Homeselfie app is very easy to use and takes no time at all to complete. I learned the amount of money I can save per year by making my house more energy efficent!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I learned that they will connect you with qualified local contractors, and provide information on special offers and rebates provided by your local government,

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I learned that Homeselfe is a free app that evaluates your home’s energy efficiency to help you save on utility bills.

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