Gorillas In Our Midst Book Review

Another great book has hit Alice’s book shelf! Gorillas in Our Midst written by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones. Illustrated by Richard Fairgray. This book cracked BOTH of us up!!

Did you KNOW that there are gorillas all around us?? Yup, they sure are!! That’s why you should ALWAYS carry bananas with you!! This is a silly, funny book that had Alice and I laughing out loud page after page! Alice loves to spot the disguised gorillas on each page. But, the surprise ending had 3-year-old Alice turn to me and say “NaNa I didn’t see that coming!” I laughed so hard at the surprise on her little face. This kid cracks me UP!!!

Gorillas can be hard to spot, because they are masters of disguise and really good at hiding. Gorillas often have jobs where they get to wear masks—that’s why so many gorillas are surgeons, astronauts, scuba divers, and ninjas. There are adult gorillas and kid gorillas. There are even gorillas that go to school with you. You may think you’ve seen a gorilla swinging by before, but it’s much more likely that he was an orangutan—orangutans are terrible at hiding. You will know when there are lots of gorillas living in your midst because the grocery stores will be entirely out of bananas. In fact, you should always carry a banana with you, because you never know when there might be a gorilla around.


Not a single one! Oh my gosh! THIS is a funny book! from cover to cover!! Bonus, all of these wonderful books are reinforcing Alice’s love books and that is something I will never whine about!!

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Format: Dust-jacketed hardcover sized 12 x 10.2 x 0.6 inches. 32 pages, full color. ISBN 1632206072

Publication date: April 14, 2015.

Target age range: 3 – 6 years old



  • Carol S.

    Sounds like another must have fun book for my grandchildren. We love funny books like this. The children always love the large size books like this also. I often wonder if they think the story will last longer when I see them coming with the bigger books!

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