Nauzene For Upset Stomachs & Nausea Review

Today I want to tell you about Nauzene Liquid Grape. What I like best about Nauzene is that it’s safe for kids. So what is Nauzene? It’s a paraben free, gluten-free, Pediatrician Recommended, natural grape flavor upset stomach and nausea fix. Try and say that in one breath! And yes, it does work!!

IMG_0389We have had a nasty case of the flu hit our households. ALL of them!! All of the Grandkids were sick, DH, myself then my daughters. It was nasty!! Then we started to get a handle on it for about a week. Until Monday when Alice reported she had a tummy ache. UGH!! NO!! NO!! NO!! We can’t get this back!! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out our Nauzene. Within minutes Alice wasn’t crying. Within an hour Alice was feeling markedly better. In two hours you never would have known she was sick!

I of course had to taste the Nauzene to see what kind of fight I was going to have getting into the sick kid. It’s a flavorful, light tasting grape flavor. Super easy to swallow.

Children 2 years and up can take Nauzene, and so can adults.

So whether you ate a little too much or have that nasty stomach bug this is perfect for you.

So, what’s the active ingredient in Nauzene Liquid Grape? Each tablespoon (15mL) of Nauzene Liquid Grape contains Lactic Acid and Wild Hops.

Adults can take 1‐2 tablespoons (15‐30mL) of Nauzene Liquid Grape per dose. Using the enclosed measuring cup. Dosage may be repeated after 30 minutes not to exceed 10 tablespoons in a 24 hour period unless advised by a doctor.

So whether you ate a little too much or have that nasty stomach bug this is perfect for you.

Alice and I had an argument over whose house this was going to go too.

BTW Alice won. Are you surprised??


Nope! I don’t have a single one. Alice felt better in a matter of minutes. You CAN’T beat that!! Nauzene is 100 a keeper!

One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win a bottle on Nauzene Liquid for Upset Stomachs and Nausea AND a child’s T-Shirt. Good Luck!




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