Got Dirt? As In Products From The Dirt!!

When I was offered products from The Dirt I was very intrigued. First, I love the name. The Dirt. That just cracks me up, dirt to clean my mouth? Give me fresh breath? And moisturize my lips?? Oh yeah, I need to try these!

BalmLets start with a lip balm called Dirty Balm Lip Balm. The balm is packaged in an oval shaped tube. The oval shape fits the contour of my lips better. As with other lip balms twist on the bottom to raise and retract the balm. 

What’s inside the balm gives your lips so much moisture. My lips feel hydrated and soft! Why wouldn’t they? With coconut oil, bees-wax, grass-fed ghee, cocoa butter, essential oils of French lavender, carrot seed, palmarosa and German blue chamomile. To me that reads SOFT lips!

Dirty Balm Lip Balm is organic, Paleo-friendly and gluten-free.Dirt2

Next up is the Clean Mint Alcohol Free Natural Breath Spray  Forget everything you know about breath sprays. This one is strong! Without the burn of alcohol it will not only freshen your breath but it will clear your sinuses too!! WOW!

Take one to three pumps, swish and swallow. This will freshen your breath for hours. Made with all natural ingredients. Grape seed oil, peppermint essential oil, organic solvent free Stevia leaf extract and full of Omega Fatty acids. The breath spray has a rather oily taste in the beginning, but it goes away quickly. All that is left behind is SERIOUSLY fresh breath.

I love that the breath spray comes in an amber bottle. Amber bottles keep essential oils from breaking down.  This is 100% a keeper!!

DirtLast and certainly not least is of course my favorite product from The Dirt. The Dirt Organic Tooth Brushing Powder. Yup, you read that right Dirt Tooth powder.  Another all natural product that is safe to swallow and has no fluoride so it’s safe for everyone to use. The ingredients include extra fine bentonite clay (which is what looks like dirt!)   aluminum free baking soda, Myrrh, premium organic cinnamon, essential oils organic orange and organic cardamom.

Using the tooth brushing powder is easy, dampen your tooth-brush, shake off the excess water and then simply dip your toothbrush in the jar. I want to add that a little bit goes a long way.  I was nervous the first time, but all I taste is cinnamon! Fresh cinnamon. This isn’t a sweet flavor. But it is very pleasant.  Brush as normal. Spit and rinse. My teeth feel so clean!!


Not a single one. Not a single whine for all three products! So, go play in the dirt!



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