Guest Post: The Best iPhone Accessories by Jenn Lopez

The Best iPhone Accessories

The iPhone has revolutionized communication and information technology by putting it all into the palm of our hand. It then can take all of this condensed data and create enormous results. The photo and video capabilities can be enhanced dramatically; the sound can be amplified and clarified. The keyboard can go from miniscule to full size and the device can receive and understand voice commands and operate hands free.

Most tech savvy people know about every new high tech device that is about to hit the market and will have reviews out within hours of it becoming available.  For those who missed the geek reports here are some great new ideas that you can buy for your iPhone experience.

Custom iPhone cases– These are available with photos, custom designs, designer names, profession related, green recyclable along with many other areas of interest. You can have photos of the kids and pets, or your favorite team logo. Anything you desire, through the latest in graphic technology, can be displayed on your iPhone case. Sites like Tiny Prints have an easy step by step process to create an case imaginable.

·        JuiceBar Portable Solar chargers – Charge your iPhone anywhere outdoors or even on a window sill without using any power. This super cool device is available for $40 on ThinkGeek.

·        VirtualKeyboard – This device projects a full size keyboard on to any flat surface. His will enable you to type into your iPhone, iPad or any Bluetooth enabled device with the comfort and speed of a standard keyboard. It last up to 150 minutes between charges. Also available on ThinkGeek for a good price.

·        ConductiveGlove Pins – Turn any pair of gloves instantly to iPhone gloves. They come in a set of four. Two for each hand. I found these on Quirky for only $11.99.

·        OlloclipiPhone Lens – Add zoom, wide angle or fish eye to your photo and video by attaching these lenses. Olloclip is available on Amazon for $69.95.

·        Crawliesand Wheelies– Little robo bugs and robo cars are available for those with way too much time on their hands. Now little bugs can crawl around on your desk or little cars can drive, all powered and directed by your iPhone. Both are available on Lettouch.

·        BluetoothSpeakers – No more removing your case to dock. Wireless speakers are available for iPhone from several reputable manufacturers that produce incredible sound directly from your phone. I am fan of the iHome Bluetooth speaker which is available at Best Buy.

·        Smart Watches– Basically, you will be able to talk to your wrist like Dick Tracy. With names like Cuckoo, I’m Watch, Martian and Pebble you will be able to receive calls to your iPhone on your wrist watch and it will respond to voice commands. Keep track of your metabolic rate, listen to music and, yes, even tell time, from the smart watch of your choice.

As I am writing this I am certain that several more smart and techy devices have hit the market and by publication that number will have increased manifold. So don’t just say you have an iPhone, tell everyone you are living the iPhone experience and surround yourself with all the new tools available.



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