Hair Stylist Tips and Tricks You Will Have Wished You Had Known

Whenever I’m done getting my hair done, I always come home with a ton of questions. I wonder how my stylist has incredible hair, Every. Single. Day. I also wonder how she manages to make my hair look so pretty and shiny and then as soon as I wash it, it looks dull. And no, that’s not my stylist’s fault. It’s obviously something I’m doing wrong.

I also have to wonder if there’s some magic trick to making my hair hold its curl after I painstakingly take hours to curl it. How else does my stylist have curly and beautiful hair that maintains its hold for days on end?!

A hair professional such as the best hairdresser sydney has secrets, and every once in a while if you carefully listen you may soak up a few tips and tricks. Here are some incredible tips I’ve come across that I’d like to share with you. I know, I know, you can thank me later when your hairstyle stays intact for at least two days as opposed to two hours!

They don’t spend tons of money on hair products

Think you have to spend a ton of money on hair products to get that killer hairdo? Nope, think again. Most stylists are frugal and creative enough to use what they have or find cheap hair products that do the trick. Why spend a ton of money when you have perfectly good hair products that are affordable and work just as well? My thoughts exactly.

They don’t wash their hair every day

Eww, I know at first this sounds gross, but trust me, it actually works. If you curled your hair right after you washed it and wondered why it came out a few hours later, that’s why. Curling your hair a few days after you washed your tresses? That’s how you keep in a hairstyle. The more oil your hair has (within reason of course), the more likely your hairstyle will stay in place.

Having a good hair day depends on your brush

Yes, your brush has all the power. Why? Because you should consider the three B’s: barrel size, bristles, and brush shape. Use the correct hair brush and it could mean the difference between having a flat, frizzy blowout and a smooth, bouncy one. Hmm, I wonder which one you want the most?!

An effortless hairstyle is classy

The hairstyles that you try to pull off that you don’t think look that great actually do! Hence, you need to give these hairstyles another shot on your own tresses. If you’ve tried the half bun before and didn’t think it looked as amazing as you had hoped, try again. Chances are if your hair stylist can pull it off so can you. Ask her how she got that messy half bun to look just right and try it yourself. Practice makes perfect!

She doesn’t curl her hair the traditional way

Wait — back up. Doesn’t curl her hair?! Yes, you read that correctly. Do you own a stretchy headband? Grab it and put it on the crown of your head. Now take one strand of hair and weave it under the headband and continue to gently weave your strand of hair until it’s all tucked under. Now do the same thing with additional strands of hair until all of your hair is tucked under. Tada – heat free curls that are super easy to pull off every day!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    I remember Mum used to use rags to curl my sister’s long hair for special occasions. Much kinder than curlers and you could sleep in them too.


    It’s definitely true about leaving your hair as long as you can between washes. When I first dislocated my knee I was bedridden for the first month & then not even allowed to stand for another couple of months. I had to give up showering & bed baths became the order of the day (I won’t go into having to use a bed pan!) so I’d just run my wet hands through my (short-ish) hair & it looked better than ever!

  • Tara L

    I feel like if I do buy cheap hair products then my hair won’t be as prettier but I guess it doesn’t matter and the headband trick deff. gonna try my hair is natural curly so I think it would be nice to try that once to see how I feel about it.

  • Sarah L

    I wash my hair 3 times a week after I go swimming. I switch shampoos every so often and don’t have a favorite. Suave products work well for me.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I know the hair washing thing is true! For years, I washed my hair every day. I had to. It was oily. Then I was told don’t wash it just run a wet wash cloth through it, dampen it a little, just to get rid of the oily look. After a few days, it’s not even oily anymore!

  • Rosie

    I would like to try this method of curling my hair – It sounds fun and it might just work really well. I’m reminded of when I was a kid and my mom would curl pieces of my hair around like that and secure it with a bobby pin – all over our head.

  • Gracie Kahl

    I’ve been trying to wash my hair less frequently. They say that the less you wash it, the longer you can go between washes. It’s hard to get it started, though.

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