Scrigit Scraper Cleaning Tool Review & Giveaway Including a $20 Amazon GC

Scrigit Scraper; so first try and say that fast 3 times!! Whew!! Now that I have you saying Scrigit Scraper in your head let me tell you exactly what this is and what it does. The Scrigit Scraper (your still saying it in your head aren’t you??) is a cleaning tool; a cleaning tool that almost looks like an ink pen. It’s about the same size all the way around; except that there is a scraper at each end. No more using your fingernails to scrap stuff off, well, anything!! From bottles with labels to water-spots on appliances. Made of a durable hygienic plastic, that’s safe to use on most household and automotive surfaces, including Plexiglas® windows.

There are several spots in my home that I have broken many a nail on! The ice/water dispenser in my fridge is a biggie! Grrrrrr why is that so hard to clean? Next up is the water-spots on my pretty faucets in the bathroom, then there is the stain in the tub. I have no idea what caused it but NOTHING has worked to remove it. Not the Magic Eraser, not the Scrubbing Bubblies. NOTHING!! So, honestly I didn’t have high hopes that this skinny little scraper would do anything. But, it was worth a try. I am SO pleased to report that the calcium deposits in the sink…. GONE. Mystery black substance in the tub…. GONE. Ice maker/water dispenser hard water deposits…… GONE.  AND I might add with all of my fingernails still in tact!

 Scrigit The Scrigit was created by Jay because his mother would always use her fingernails to clean things, even though she had long and sturdy fingernails, Jay created the Scrigit with her in mind. I am sure thankful he did. It takes a long time to get my fingernails all one length and yet I still use them as little mini scrapers. I will be keeping one of these little tools in the car, kitchen, bathrooms and I might even share with my daughters for their homes. Maybe….  these really are so helpful!! Scrigit

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