Halloween begins NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday’s picture was just my way of saying “I can’t STAND it anymore!! I have to décorate for Halloween NOW!!  RIGHT now!!”  Then the day after Halloween I want to put up the Christmas Tree. This will be Baby T’s first Halloween and Christmas AND I will have Emma and Eli here TOO!! I can’t wait!! I can’t stand it…… I wonder if I could put the Christmas Tree up and décorate it in a Halloween theme?!?! Hummmmmmm Ohhhhhhhhh my dear SWEET SWEET SWEET Dhhhhh!!!  Can we please?!?! PLEASE!?!?
Now…. give me a baby (let’s say BabyT) a box of Halloween Decorations and a camera and what you have is………………..

Yes, Alice is in a cauldron.  Please Dan… let me keep babysitting….. please?!?! Please!???


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