Handle Your Childs “Is Santa Real?” Questions With Confidence!

DaddyNThe holiday season is right around the bend, which means it’s almost time for Christmas carols and gingerbread house decorating parties! For many parents, this year will also be the first time that their kiddos ask the big “Is Santa Real” question, which could be tough to answer. It makes parents wonder, should I be honest and tell the truth about Santa? Is my child ready to hear it?
Not to worry! Parenting expert Daddy Nickell has the scoop on what to do when your child starts asking about Santa Claus. His tips below should help you handle the situation with confidence and ease!

Take a step back and breathe: When your child comes to you questioning if Santa is real and asking you, the parent, to confirm – one way or the other – take a step back and a deep breath before responding. This will give you a moment to gather your thoughts and answer in the best way possible.

Ask what inspired the questions: Begin by asking your child why they’re asking this question in the first place. Did they hear something from another child at school? Or did they determine on their own that “Santa’s job” is seemingly impossible? If they’ve thought about it long enough and critically enough to determine on their own that Santa might not be real, then it might be time to explain to them that they are, in fact, correct. If, on the other hand, your child explains to you that another child from school just happened to claim loudly that Santa isn’t real, then your child still likely believes in Santa. If this is the case, let them know that not everyone believes in the same things, and that’s perfectly okay, but that if your child believes Santa exists then nobody can take that belief away from them.

Don’t forget to put a silver lining on it: Say something like “Santa is able to personify the spirit of Christmas; the joy, happiness, love, selfless giving, empathy and more that encompass the whole idea of Christmas.” Let your child know that when you think about it that way, Santa is simply the face of Christmas.

Be understanding and sensitive: Tackling the “Is Santa Real” question is tricky and not the easiest subject to tiptoe around. Remember to be sensitive, understanding, and even creative in your response! If your child asks if he or she will still receive presents every year, reassure that presents will still magically appear under the Christmas tree every year.

Provide interesting information about the history of Santa Claus: If you are ready to confirm that Santa is not real, then find useful history about the Santa Claus tradition. Provide information on where the tradition originated, how Christmas is celebrated in different countries, etc.

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