Hango Large & Small Lunch Bags Review

Wait till you see these cute lunch bags from Hango. This comes as a duo lunch set; a large bag and a small bag! The small one Alice latched on too as soon as she saw it. Now, Alice and NaNa have matching lunch bags!! Alice thinks we are the coolest duo ever!! The small one is the absolute perfect size for 3-year-old Alice’s lunch.

Both of the Hango Lunch Bags have the best thermal insulation lining. Both bags are large enough for our ice packs; so our food stays fresh and our drinks stay cold for a lot longer than any other lunch bag we have ever used.

Both of the Hango Lunch Bags have a strong handle, a stainless steel zipper that goes almost the entire way around the bag so you can open your bag for easy filling and emptying too! The material is a polyester 300D, its high quality, sturdy and the bags look awesome too!!!

The small Hango Lunch Bag is 5″ long, 5″ high and 7½” wide. The large bag is 6″ long, 6″ hight and 10″ wide. The bags come in 2 different colors, pink or the black with a tan handle. The black will definitely work for men or women.

When Alice and I are just taking a quick trip to the park, the small Lunch Bags is perfect for our snacks.

The little one holds a LOT!!  Fruits, goldfish crackers; (a staple for every child!)  sandwich and a juice box. The large one will even hold a 6 pack of soda!  There is a lot of room in these bags!!


When the Hango Lunch Bags arrived they had a very strong smell, kind of chemical smell. I rinsed the bags out, dried them and then I left them open on the counter for the weekend. Monday morning we used them for our picnic lunch and there was absolutely no problem! The scent had gone completely away.

I love this Hango Lunch Bag!! So much better than a metal lunch box. They are durable, reusable and they clean up quickly and easily.


Hango offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their lunch bags!!  You know that’s a quality product if a company puts that kind of warranty behind their product. The Hango bags even arrive in a 100% cotton cloth gift bag; such a great touch!! Perfect for gift giving too!

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    Goodness Alice has grown so much! I’ve been on the lookout for something similar for us to use to store Dad’s insulin when he needs to take a long trip – something like this would be ideal.

  • Christine A.

    I definitely like the lifetime warranty on these products. I also like the look of the lunch bags and I’m impressed the large bag has room for six soda cans.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the look of these. I would go with the black, but I wish they offered other colors or even something other than solid colors. These would be great for school or work, or even little picnics. By the way, I love your granddaughter’s pigtails!

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