Happy Anniversary DH!!

I may get the worst wife award for this year!  Yup yup… I’m headed off to Yosemite with my oldest daughter Selena and her family for a week of camping, hiking and picture taking in Yosemite.  Not only am I leaving on our anniversary.  I’m leaving DH here! AT HOME alone!! See??  WORST. WIFE. EVER!!  (Course I can see my male readers thinking to themselves… wanna take my wife with ya??)  OHHHH WAIT… HOLD THE PHONE!!! I just realized I am giving DH a week off!! A whole week of video games anytime he wants. Eat all the vegetables ya want without anyone complaining!!  WOW I take all that back!!  LOOK at that!!! I’m the BEST WIFE EVER!!  I love you honey!!  Happy Anniversary!!

To my dear and wonderful readers I have posts ready to go for the week just in case I can’t get a connection on my laptop. I have some funny videos and fun pictures coming up for your entertainment.  If I can I’ll upload pictures each night.  I have a few giveaways ending during my vacation and I will post winners as soon as I get back!! Before I even unpack!! I promise!! So have a GREAT week!! Ya’all play nice while I’m gone okay??  

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