The Essential Guide To Being The Best You Can Be

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Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves but actually achieving this can be tricky. If you are on a quest to shift a few pounds but you have recently eaten a giant candy bar, you might beat yourself up over this. Don’t fall into this trap. Everyone makes errors of judgment but you simply need to learn from them and move forward. This transcends every aspect of our lives. We want to be the best mom, the best employee, the best friend, and the best daughter. Take a look at this simple guide to help you be the best that you can be, without the guilt.


At work, you may have an overbearing boss, work long hours, and struggle to find time to have a normal life outside of your office hours. If this is the case, you can’t be the best you can be. You need to look for employment where you are valued. Think about upskilling. If you work in the finance sector, consider reaching the upper echelons of management and going for a promotion to really show off your skills. You may be thinking what is an MBA in economics? This highly respected qualification can open doors if you want to excel in banking, finance or the accountancy realms.  If you are an educator, consider a masters. And if you run your own business, think about networking and learning from your competitors. You really can improve and be the best version of yourself at work.


As a mom, you want to protect, love, and empower your brood to be fine citizens of the world. This begins at home. If you are struggling to spend quality time with your kids, this needs to change. Ensure that you have regular family meals together and chat about one another’s lives. It’s risky allowing your children to escape to their rooms, never knowing what theta re getting up to. They may feel less ready to share their problems and confide in you. You need to be approachable and really show that you love them. 

Set aside time every week to do activities together. If your little darling adores baking, dust off the recipe books and get cooking. If your cherub wants to go mountain biking, hiking, or swimming, do it with them and strengthen that mother-child bond that you want to nurture. This will enable you to be the best mom that you can be.


It can be so difficult sometimes to be a really good friend. Often, we can become frustrated if our pal no longer accepts our invitations out and we may feel like we are being given the cold shoulder. However, think about this situation in a different way. What if your friend is low or depressed? They need you more than ever even though they are pushing you away. Keep calling, pop over with some food, and keep inviting them to social events. They will begin to open up and you can be that ranting board or shoulder to cry on. Being a good friend means taking a step back and empathizing rather than considering what you get out of any friendship. Be a listener and show that you care.

Follow this simple guide and you can be the best employee, mom, and friend that you can be.


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