Signet Rings ARE Still Cool!!

Gold Stacked Rings

Yup, I gave myself a gift for no reason at all.  Yes, I am feeling very spoiled. I believe us women have to spoil ourselves! As women, mom’s, wives, grandma’s ahhhh let’s just say ALL women should spoil themselves occasionally!! It can be as easy as an hour alone to do NOTHING. It can be a new book, a manicure. It can also be jewelry!! It keeps us sane, happy and able to care for everyone else in our life. This year my favorite gift to ME, me, me is jewelry! I mean really is jewelry ever a bad gift?? Whether it’s from someone special or a gift to yourself. ( cough cough and in  my best Tim The Toolman Taylor voice} “HOOHOOO JEWELRY GOOD!” I am a huge fan of classic jewelry! Classic Rings in particular!! A great quality ring will never go out of style, you can pair it with everything! You can wear it everyday!  Dressed up or dressed down. With jeans or a little black dress. In the garden or out to dinner.

Signet Ring Square
Signet rings are one of those classic pieces that has always held a special fascination for me from. The first time I fell in love was watching Diana, Princess of Wales wearing one back in 1988. Stars like  Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Katie Holmes have been sporting signet rings on their little fingers as well. Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge prepared to marry into the royal family, the Middletons were granted their own crest by the College of Arms; sister Pippa is now rarely seen without a gold signet on her little finger.

There is proof that classic jewelry never goes out of style. For instance, I recently saw that Zales has the Marilyn Monroe jewelry collection. She’s been gone since 1962 (58 YEARS!) and yet we are still fascinated by her style. I personally don’t believe I’ve ever seen this particular ring before but it’s a stunning piece!! I love the simplicity of the design.
Marilyn Monroe ringBut, my present to me was a little more old school design.

Gold jewelry
I am in love with this square design of this particular pinkie ring. Of course I had to have an A inscribed on my new ring. (was there really any doubt?)

Y’all know eight year old Granddaughter Alice is my little spirit animal. That kid brings constant joy to my heart. Now she brings me joy on my pinkie too!

Now (as if I really needed a reminder!) I glimpse my ring as I knit or type or sew… there is my monogram pinkie ring gleaming in the sunshine (or snow shine!)

So little Peanuts. Do you have a classic piece of jewelry that you have loved for years. Whether you own it now or are just secretly drooling over it.

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