Three Skills That Will Benefit You The Most On The Job Market

Recently, we explored why it could be beneficial for adults to seek out the option of further education. It typically will provide new doorways and paths to travel down. However, you might be wondering about the type of skills that you should focus on in this new exploration of education. What will get you the most buzz on the job market? What puts you in the perfect position to perform and gain a top position? Well, there are a vast range of possibilities here so let’s explore some of the options 

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Processing and analyzing data used to be nothing more than a joke. Remember in Friends when no one could remember Chandler Bing’s job? Well, he was a data processor and that was in the ’90s. Today data is even more important with virtually every company exploring how they can use data to their advantage. How do they get the most out of it and ensure that it helps them predict future market patterns or reach the right number of customers?

These are some of the answers that you will be able to provide when you develop and hone your data skills. Data probably seems like quite a scary and complex concept if you have never explored this path before. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. 

The reality is that there are lots of resources that can teach you about everything from SQL join types to machine learning. If you have the will, you’ll easily be able to acquire the right knowledge and become a tremendous asset to any business. 

Business Management 

A lot of people make the false assumption that the only reason to study business management is if you want to learn how to effectively manage your own business. However, this also provides the tools and knowledge you need to take a management position at an existing company. If you’re looking to start a new career path but you want to skip climbing up the ladder and essentially paying your dues then this can be the best way to do it. You’ll be able to find your footing on the market and ensure that you are able to immediately seize a higher position. 

Remember, while business management is a vital skill, you will also need on-hand experience. If you don’t gain this, you will be too green to provide any type of benefit to a business. 

Customer Service

Finally, there are very few jobs these days that do not require you to have some form of skill and knowledge of how to handle customers the right way. This is true regardless of whether you claim a higher or lower position. Indeed, it’s fair to say that higher positions will often be taken by those who know how to handle customers and ensure that they do not lose a potential sale. This is largely related to people skills and whether you fully understand the social contract. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key areas that you should be developing through your further education



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Customer service skills for anyone involved in point of sales etc is vital. Many stores in Ireland offer such courses and offer specialised ones such as how to treat people with learning/physical disabilities, autism etc.

    • Connie Gruning

      Kate, I agree, stores should provide training not just throw a person out on the sales floor. I think the sales would go up, the opinion of the store would go up and the customers would benefit too! I REALLY love that they help with how to treat people with disabilities. That would be an awesome course in itself.

  • Jakub Romanowski

    In a data-driven world, running your own business or working in a corporation requires continuous improvement of qualifications. You need to know how to use the collected data – from customer behavior to market trends. SQL is especially useful here. It is a language thanks to which we will master even the largest databases and squeeze additional dollars from them. I recommend learning SQL!

  • Tracy Robertson

    Is there a course on customer service? It sounds interesting. I have had low level jobs at this (retail) and I was really good at it but I am not sure how to apply that to a better position.

    • Connie Gruning

      Tracy, if there isn’t a course on customer service there should be. Good customer service I THINK can make or break a business. Just having someone make eye contact and SMILE makes a huge difference.

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