Happy Birthday Zac!

Family BBQ for our son Zachary’s 29th birthday. I love hanging out with my family. Theres no better way to spend a day!!! I made some really good food choices (and a couple really BAD one’s! Wednesday isn’t going to be pretty!) I DID have skinless grilled chicken. YUM. I did have fresh fruit salad (courtesy of my wonderful daughter Selena!). Then I had potato salad BUT only 1/2 cup. Instead of potato chips I had Quakes rice cake cheddar cheese chips(70 calories for 9 cakes! But if you eat almost a whole bag I think that 70 calorie kudo’s goes out the window. BUT I didn’t have any dip) I had a normal size (i.e. BIG) slice of Butterfinger ice cream cake (it’s bad luck not to eat birthday cake. HONEST!! I can’t make this stuff up!!) At the end of the BBQ I sent the extra birthday cake and potato chips home with the birthday boy. (Look how smart I AM!!)

Before everyone arrived I did clean the house top to bottom! I sweated so much it definitely counted as exercise. I cleaned when they left too. So I worked off at least a quarter of that cake. (It was reallyyyyy good cake!) One GOOD SON?!?! One GREAT son!!! Happy Birthday Zac

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  • Shannon

    You should have made carrot cake so it would have had “vegetables” in it! LOL. Seriously though, I once made a chocolate zucchini cake and it was so good. I love the white cheddar rice cakes. I think you did good. And hey birthdays are only here once a year. It is okay to have a slice.

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