Happy Mother’s Day


Every year I think I need a to change out my Mother’s Day video. But, really? WHY??  This cracks me up EVERY-SINGLE-YEAR!!!  Enjoy!

And if you aren’t a Mother. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!


  • Sandy Weinstein

    i hope that you have having a wonderful Mother’s Day. i went and visited my parent’s grave on Thurdays, since my father had passed away, on may 6 over 40 yrs ago. my mother passed away 5 yrs ago. i cleaned off their headstones and said prayers.

  • clojo9372

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! I wish all mothers a wonderful day spending it with your family and everyone who loves you! 🙂


    Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful women in the US and especially warm & friendly wishes to all of us who for whatever reason aren’t mothers. Have a Happy Day!

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