UZOU Wireless Bone Conduction Blutooth Earphone/Headphones

I admit, this is the most unique set of headphones that I own.

First, unlike any pair of headphones or headsets, these do NOT go over your ears. These actually sit on the bone above your ears. Odd right??
Amazingly the sound is crystal clear and comfortable. I was so comfortable with the sound level I was positive that the entire room could hear my music. I kept taking them off and listening. I finally asked the person sitting next to me if she could hear my music, not a single note. WHAAAAAAAA?!?! That’s amazing.

I take 4-year-old Alice to an indoor play gym where she can run and play to her heart’s content. There are tables and couches for the adults to hangout. I bring my iPad with me and work. I don’t like tuning out all of the noise, because I need to know if Alice needs me. However, this place gets LOUD! So adding a little music means that The NaNa is happy to stay for as long as Alice wants to stay. (We are talking hours!!) It’s a good thing that I can get 8 hours of music from this headset. Charging is quick too, about 4 hours gives me a full charge.

Personally, I had never even heard of bone conduction headphones. So to say I was intrigued and excited to try these was an understatement. Once you put the headset in place the sound is transmitted thru your bone. Add the enclosed earplugs and well, the music or the voices are IN YOUR HEAD. It’s the most amazing thing! The sound is just there. It’s just in your head. And no… It’s not The NaNa’s voices…. Those are different, those usually get me in trouble.

Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea.

These headphones are substantial, this is not a lightweight wimpy set. I find it extremely comfortable to wear.

Connecting to my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone was super easy, as was connecting to my iPad. Simply prepare your phone or iPad to be paired. Turn on the headset and done. Seriously, could-not have been easier.

Getting use to the buttons is taking me some time, first they are the back of the headset. A little cumbersome to get too. But, I am learning.
These headphones arrive with the USB charging cable, instructions, and a set of earplugs.

More to love is the fact these headphones fold so they can easily go in my backpack or purse. Another major perk is that I can answer my phone from this headset.


Are you kidding? The voices in my head have TALENT!!! I sing exactly like Gary Allan and Cher!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve seen several like this lately & wondered how they worked. (Thanks Kate, lol.) It is a good idea. Being able to hear traffic, etc., if you’re out running, etc., is really a good idea!

  • Laura

    That’s really odd that they don’t go in your ears. I had never heard about headphones that did that before. Interesting!


    These work exactly like those hearing aids that conduct the sound vibrations through the bone to the cochlea.

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