Hattie Peck: The Journey Home

Around this time last year Alice and I reviewed an adorable book called Hattie Peck. A perfect book for an Easter Basket! This year I vote for the sequel to be included in your basket!!

This one would be the PERFECT addition to any Easter Basket because it’s all about EGGS!!  Poor, sad Hattie Peck loves eggs, she only laid one egg and it never hatched. But, she dreams of having her own eggs, that’s really all she wants! So, Hattie packs her bags and heads out to find all the abandoned eggs she can.  There isn’t an egg that’s too big and there isn’t an egg that’s too small. Hattie will rescue them all! Hattie’s adventure takes her from the tops of mountains, to the bottom of the ocean, Hattie isn’t afraid to look in dark caves to find all of the abandoned eggs. With a pile of eggs she sails home and patiently sits on them until they all hatch.

This year Emma Levey released the sequel Hattie Peck: The Journey Home.

Hattie has such a huge heart, not only did she rescue all sorts of abandoned eggs but she took them home and patiently sat on them until they hatched. It didn’t matter what kind of egg she rescued, from birds to reptile and everything in between.

She’s loved and cared for each new member of her family. But, like every family the kids grow up! Hattie decides to take each member of her family to their original home.

Hattie fixes up the boat, makes a ton of snacks, packs suitcases and the journey home begins. Hattie revisits all the places she had adopted her family members from and delivers them back to their natural habitat.

The journey mimics the original journey that Hattie took to search for abandoned eggs.

Only, after each family member is returned Hattie comes home to an empty house. (I felt so bad for Hattie! I didn’t do well with the empty nester thing either!)

The ending is adorable! No spoilers here.

Hattie Peck: The Journey Home is adorable. The writing is fun, the story is heartwarming. The illustrations are absolutely perfect. This is a perfect addition to Alice’s library. I can’t wait to see what Hattie does next!! I’m voting for Grandma Hattie!!

This is an adorable companion book to the main book!!

Emma Levey has written AND illustrated l love!

The story is beautifully illustrated with bright and fun colors.  The story itself is engaging, sweet and full of unconditional love!

You can find Hattie Peck on Sky Pony Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Emma Levey
Illustrator: Emma Levey
Publication Date: 3-7-2017
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 10″ by 10″

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