Healthy Feet!!

Don’t you just love the internet? You can find information about absolutely EVERYTHING!! I was looking for help with my feet, these puppies have a lot of hiking to do in Yosemite. So, when I started having shooting pains in my foot I wanted to find out what the heck it was from!! This inforgraphic has a ton of really great information all about feet. Some of those pictures look so painful!! OUCH!!

I am impressed with the different exercises they show that will help with your foot pain. Seriously?! Exercises for your feet? I had no idea. I do now!! I like that these are all exercises that I can do while I am sitting at my desk! SWEET!!!

I bought new hiking boots for this trip! I am in the process of breaking those in. If you are a regular follower, you know two years ago I lost both of my big toenails. Yes, both of them. Stupid, BAD, hiking BOOTS!! Determined that I did not waste allllll that money on those stupid, BAD, hiking boots, I wore the same ones last year and yes, lost both toe nails again!! I am very hard headed!! For the record it takes exactly a FULL year to re-grow your toenail. This year I am DETERMINED to come home with toenails in tact!!

What about you? How are your feet?
The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot: Why Happy Feet Make a Happy Person

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  • Sarah L

    I teach an arthritis swim class and we always do the alphabet with the feet. I don’t do the toe curls with the class since many people wear pool shoes. I do them with my own feet. I learned the alphabet exercise from a PT after I sprained my ankle.

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