Hello, meet Marilee!

So today I had a wild hair. (Tinted slightly green mind you, this growing out the gray and trying to get a shampoo that takes the yellow out? NOT FUN!! Anyone have any shampooMovie UP that they use that works with white hair?? ) See?? I swear I can’t just follow a single thought without shouting SQUIRREL! BTW, if you haven’t seen UP then this isn’t as funny as it really is!

Back to my post.

Marilee Peterson

I would like for my little Peanuts to get to know my BFF. I mean, hello, I tell her about all of you guys. Occasionally I tell you about Marilee.

Almost 2 years ago I saw a post that Marilee put on her Instagram page. She had knitted this AMAZING sweater! HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN!! A sweater!! A sweater that I swear could have been sold in a fancy smancy boutique. I sent love for the sweater along with a comment that I wished I knew how to knit. She offered to teach me AND HELLO! I called her out on the offer. The next week I showed up on her doorstep (shhhhshhh YES, I WAS invited. Hello! I’m insane but not that insane) I showed up with knitting needs and cheap yarn. I left hours later hating to purl but knitting all the same. After that meeting Marilee was like finding my twin from different parents. Sooooooooo…….

It’s time for a written podcast. (Man I do crack myself UP!) FINE IT’S a BLOG POST.

Me: Marilee actually, we COULD do a podcast!! Marilee, you know howda do that? Start a podcast??

Marilee: Nope.

Me: Whaddaya mean no? But you’re like wicked smart. Maybe you DO KNOW but don’t KNOW YOU KNOW!!

Marilee: Why thank you ma’am. I don’t know how to start a podcast but I do know how to Google and I’m sure Google knows how to start a podcast. Could be fun. Should we do it? I think we should do it!

Me: So, I spent the afternoon knitting and gabbing with you….you arrived early and, as is my way now, I was 30 minutes late.

Marilee and Connie





Marilee: Yeah, you are working on “Connie” (PB & Whine time?) time since you are a retired lady of leisure. I may be a little (ok, a lot) envious.

Me: You work three jobs, go to the gym, you volunteer at church.  You cook, you clean and I’m certain you rescue orphaned puppies from burning buildings.

Marilee: All true, except there are never any burning buildings. I don’t do burning buildings. I’m sorry, I love you but not even for you would I run into a burning building.

Connie and Marilee





YES!! I am THAT friend that makes Marilee shake her head and say and extra prayer for. 

Me: My super power is sleep. I am exhausted ALL OF THE TIME. I barely get off the mountain! (okay, technically a lot of the reason is that the road is a mud pit.) You’re like Wonder Woman meets Bat Girl. I say Bat GIRL because your SKIN!?!? It’s like a girl!! How does a 63-year-old woman have that young of skin!?!?! What? What magic is in your bathroom cabinets? Don’t make me go snoop. I mean I will… but (here comes the whine….don’t make me!!)

Marilee: Well now that it’s out there I guess it’s fine that you told them my age. ? And I’m blushing – the compliments – I do have great skin don’t I? I have to give props to genetics for it because when I was younger I didn’t take care of it – baked in the sun (iodine & baby oil anyone?), left make-up on overnight, never used moisturizer. So yeah, good genes. But now that I’m getting older – not old mind you, just older –  I decided that if I wanted to keep it looking great I better be more mindful. So I went on the search for good skin care. Should you snoop – and I know you will – you’ll find my cabinets full of Sei Bella. I can’t say enough good things about the Sei Bella brand of skin care and make-up. And the make-up remover? Oh my heavens, it’s the best I’ve ever found.

Me: Okay, ya got me. What makes this the best?
Marilee: Gosh. The make-up remover? It removes mascara. Poof – gone! Nuff said. The rest – all the products have ingredients found in nature and combined with the most effective science. Safer for me, safer for the environment. And the price point for most items is less than the more expensive “name” brands. 
Me: Alright, you got me interested and maybe a Peanut or two as well, how do they get ahold of you? Other than me stealing a bus and bring a bunch of Peanuts with me for our next lunch date?
Marilee: I would love getting to know your peanuts and learning just how I can be of service to them. Instead of me having to bail you out of jail how about you just have them email me – ma*****@to********.life. No hype, no pressure, just sharing about a product I love. 
Me: FINE!! The bus would be more fun though.




  • heather

    Marilee sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to see the sweater that she knitted. I have always wanted to learn how to knit sounds relaxing and it would be neat to make hats and mittens.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    There are products here that can help to keep white from yellowing. They’ve got a purple base in them. Mum used to use it when she finally stopped bleaching her hair.

  • Rosie

    I don’t think there is a shampoo that actually works to get the yellow out, coating the hair follicle doesn’t work, you need to lighten the hair to get the yellow out. The easiest way is to use something with a slight bleaching aspect, either a regular hair dye that is a lighter color than your former natural with 20% volume, or use bleach with something like a 10% volume for a few minutes, and not too close to the scalp, not long enough to damage your hair or excessively lighten it, once every few months, a hairdresser could do it.

    Great to see a post about Marilee – love the knitting!

  • megan allen

    This is so sweet and awesome! We all need that friend to be there for us and make us laugh! Im so glad I got to meet that friend to you!

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