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I have to admit, I was a little intimated to be chosen to write for Novica. I adore their principals, their products are beyond amazing.  But, write for my favorite company?!?! Well, it’s really, REALLY intimidating!! Like scary intimidating! But, I’m thrilled, excited and beyond grateful for the opportunity!!  I hope you will show your support and comment on my blog post on Novica

High FIVE for doing good things!! High FIVE for STUNNING jewelry! High Five for Novica giving artisans around the world a place to showcase their talents. Check this out!! This is my newest addition to my jewelry collection. The Sterling Silver ‘High Five’ ring. This piece is handcrafted from .925 sterling silver. I am thoroughly in love with this BOLD multi band silver ring, created by Komang Wijayana for Novica. This is a beautiful Bold Silver RING!! 


I love bold pieces of jewelry. I love mixing gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones. I never look for just the plain jewelry, I want my pieces to be unique, ya know, like ME!! I want to make a statement with an eye catching piece of art to wear!! The Sterling Silver High Five band fits my requirements to perfection! Solid. Heavy, weighing in at .06 ounces. Full of shine!! There are five shining ribbons of sterling gleaming silver that make up this sleek, bold and modern ring.

Meet The Artist

When my High Five ring arrived, so did the story about the artist, Komang.  Learning about the artist is a huge thrill for me.  I may never make it to Bali and the village of Celuk, but my ring has!


“I love to create something from many kinds of materials. God gave us a lot of things that are already amazing to make into nice jewelry.”

This Komang Wijavana.  He was born,  June 7, 1990, in Celuk, a village that is renowned as the birthplace of silversmiths.  Born to master jeweler parents that have worked in the jewelry making business since 1982, mostly in silver but also in gold. They taught Komang everything, including his love for crafting beautiful jewelry!

My multi band ring arrived in a beautiful cloth covered, padded box.  100% ready for gift giving. Novica’s little details are what drive me to this site for gifts and spoiling myself.  It’s the ever changing and ever growing collection of items that drive me to visit often!  You should see my wish list!!

I love being able to shop for items all around the world, on just one site. Talented, creative artists all in one spot? What’s not to love?!?!

I have some shopping to do for my Hawaii trip in October.  I’m thinking a tote! Which one is your favorite??

Totes for Hawaii

I couldn’t be more pleased with the craftsmanship, design and over all look of my newest piece of jewelry. This will be one piece I will be handing down to my Grandchildren!

Two thumbs up, enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!! I love this ring!!!

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  • shawna saunders

    I would go for 1 or 4. they are in basic neutrals so they will go with everything. Also I definately think (I spent 4 months there in 2012) you always want a bag. Even though it may be wimter time and 50 degrees or if you are not hot, you are very close to the equater. So you don’t just put on sunscreen and go you put on sunscreen and go.put it in your purse/pocketbook. Also a umbrella. Unless you are neer going to leave the dry arid region of the Big Island.

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