Homdox Memory Loss Digital Clock With Date Review

Getting a new clock is always nice; setting a new clock is always a pain. Back and forth to the manual for which button does which only to find out 12 hours later you forgot to set the am/pm correctly. (I can’t possibly be the only one that does that!? Can I?)

This clock is from Homdox. It’s a Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock. Not only is this clock great for time and date display but it does so with Extra Large Clear Un-abbreviated Time and Date!!! 

I took this clock out of the box, plugged it in and said “How’d they do that?!?!” I actually said that several times in a row!!   Do what exactly? I plugged in my brand new clock and it immediately displayed the correct day and time. WHAAAAAAAA?!?  How did my new clock know what time it was AND what the date was?!?! HOW’d it do that?! I continue to say that every time I see this clock!!  Smart clock!!

When I took this clock to my Mom’s place I instructed her “watch this!” plugged it in. She looked confused as I kept saying it over and over again. LOOK!! Mom assumed that I had already programmed the clock for her. Now she is as impressed as I am.

This is the perfect clock for just about everyone. Starting with the size. You can see the date, time and day CLEARLY from across the room. The clock has large, bright white letters and numbers with a black background. It is easy to read the day of the week, time of day, the month, day and year. Not only perfect for people that have trouble remembering the date but for us that are retired that even can’t remember what day of the WEEK it is this clock is GREAT!!  Another perk is that the screen is glare free. (These guys thought of everything!)

This clock doesn’t scream “I need help remembering things” it just looks like a very nice clock.

It can be mounted on the wall or thanks to a small hidden bar that comes out of the back of the clock you can set it up on any flat surface.

Since the clock arrives already set to the date and time you really won’t need the instructions that are enclosed. However, the instructions are clear and easy to ready.

Another major perk is the auto-dimming feature that dims the clock at 7pm. That’s great for us sleepers that need the room to be dark to sleep. 7am the clock goes back to bright white. SMARTEST dang clock ever!!!

The clock arrives well packaged in a plain white box and the clock is wrapped in a thin piece of foam. Also included in the box is the USB power cord and adapter.

The clock has an internal battery so even if there is a power outage you won’t lose your settings.

Even more to love about this clock are the language choices. English, Spanish, French, Welsh, Danish, or German. You can even change the message that the clock displays. Simple with date, day time or with messages like “Now it is Monday Morning”


I just can’t say enough good things about this clock! Absolutely not a single whine from me. No whines from my Mom either!



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