EGOGO Large Multi-functional Sling Pack

WOW! This is way more than any backpack or sling pack that I’ve ever owned. Starting with the color, the bag is gray with red accents.

It’s really a very nice looking bag suitable for a man or woman to carry.

There are even several ways that you can carry this bag; in front of you, sling on your shoulder or adjust the straps and wear it as a backpack.

The next big WOW is the pockets. Holy Moly there are a lot of pockets!! Starting in the front of the Sling Pack the first pocket; has a large open area with pockets. Nice deep pockets. The back pocket holds my wallet, the one in front will hold my phone on one side and my pen on the other. The pocket is still large enough to hold more items like my camera. Each of the pockets closes with a heavy duty zippers and a large size zipper pull. The second section opens up nice and large and again has a pocket. This pocket is deep and wide enough to hold my iPad. (In its case even!) This pocket is large enough for school books or items for day hikes. I used it for a trip to the beach and this one bag held everything from a towel, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, hat, book and more! The next zippered area is a long slender pocket. I store my car keys in this pocket because they are easy to find and easy to grab. They are also securely hidden! (Ahhhh but not lost in the many, many pockets!!) This is also a wonderful spot to put your MP3 player because just above that pocket is a reinforced rubber hole that when you push your earbud cord into it will hold your cord securely and keep it from flopping around on the bag. (Brilliant feature!!)

On the back of the Sling Pack is one more last zippered pocket. This one might be my favorite. It holds my cash and credit cards along with anything else I need to be secured. This pocket is hidden from view when you are wearing the Sling Pack.

The strap is very well padded along with the area that touches you, padded! Lots of comfortable padding!! I LOVE that!

Stitched on the outside of the strap is a nylon bag for sunglasses. (ANOTHER Brilliant feature!!) On the side of the pack is a net pocket that is large enough to hold a big water bottle. There are also loops and rings so that you can attach carabiners and be able to add even MORE items to the pack. Including a locking hanging tie at the top and securing loops at the bottom to hold your trekking poles!! (Yet ANOTHER Brilliant feature!!)


Not a single whine from me. This bag is very lightweight and yet extremely sturdy. The Sling Bag is the perfect size! 17″ by 11″ and with pockets galore this is official GO TO bag!
The bag is well stitched. No loose seams. The zippers are heavy and each and every one of them opens and closes smoothly. The color combo is great. I have no complaints at ALL!!



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