MixMart 2.0MP USB Digital Microscope with Advanced CMOS Sensor!

With 36 more days of summer vacation I found a very FUN AND educational device for the entire FAMILY!!

This is a USB digital microscope from MixMart.  This is a  3 in 1 multi-functional microscope. Not only can we use this as a conventional microscope that magnifies up to 200 times, I can also use it as an endoscope! Do you know how cool (or gross depending on your perspective) it is to see up a kids (okay, okay fine……. or adult. I COULDN’T HELP myself!! I’ve always wondered what the doctor sees when they look there. Now I know!!) nose or in their or your ears? So cool!! The third way is to use the microscope as a USB web camera!
small but powerful microscope

The Husband uses this microscope for his coin collecting. You are able to zoom in tight and view the coins on the computer screen. It’s very cool! VERY helpful too!

Talk about being able to bring the coins into crisp, clear focus!  WOW!! Actually everything comes in crisp and clean. It’s very impressive.

MicroscopeSo convenient!! microscope

Coin collectors can zoom in tight to confirm double taps or help look for some RARE coins like these:

  • 2004 Wisconsin state quarter with extra leaf.
  • 1995 double die penny.
  • 1942-1945 silver nickel.
  • 1943 steel penny.
  • Ben Franklin half-dollar.
  • 1932-1964 silver quarter.
  • ‘In God We Rust’ 2005 Kansas state quarter.

Now as far as 6-year-old Alice and I?  We check out way more interesting things! Bugs, dirt, ear and nose canals, mouths, hair! AND if you are trying to keep the same said 6-year-old from biting her nails show her the dirt and yucky things she is chewing on.

So because I do want you to come back I will not show you the pictures of the really gross things we look at. Let’s just say I am soooooo sorry to my doctor! My ears……… ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww REALLY ewwwwwwwwwwwww. I mean….. I had no idea ewwwwwwwww!

The microscope arrives with a heavy solid metal stand with rubber feet on the four corners so that the stand doesn’t mar the surface you set it up on. The microscope was easy to put together and arrives with several different attachments. microscope

DSP: High power Digital Image Monarch Processor
Sensor: Advanced CMOS sensor, 2.0MP
Resolution: 1600 X 1200
Interface: USB2.0
Frame rate: 30 frames/sec
Magnification: up to 500x magnification
USB cable Length: 165cm
Lighting: 8 X LED around the camera lens

The disk that arrives with the microscope has a very detailed, helpful and easy to read set of instructions.

From the microscope we can also snap a photo of what we are looking at. There is a switch on the cord of the microscope. The switch also dims or brightens the 8 LED lights that surround the camera lens.

Set up is easy. Everything comes apart easily so that I can take the microscope to Alice’s house for more disgusting viewing. Insert very large smile here. We just can’t help it!!


This is an awesome product for a great price. What a truly fascinating way to spend an afternoon. The photo quality is amazing. The fact that there are so many different attachments makes this awesome for the entire family.  We are very happy with our microscope!! Now……. about the nostril…. ohhhhh sit down I was just kidding!



  • Rosie

    This does sound like a fun product to have! I still remember when I got a microscope as a kid, I tried everything I could think of. My favorite was to take it outside when it was snowing and look at snowflakes, they are so pretty magnified!

  • michele

    I have to send pass this on to my daughter-in-law….my granddaughter received a microscope way back in 2012.. so far back right…. well anyway she would love this new version.. with a camera wow….thanks Connie

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