Long lazy weekend!

What is it about a long weekend that makes me so lazy?!?! Up at the regular time but am I doing anything productive? Nooooooooo hubby and I are watching maybe the worst Steven Seagal movie I’ve ever seen! But it’s like a train wreck and I can’t stop watching! BUT on a positive note I’m not watching and eating. THAT is what we call progress! (okay now I’m hungry. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud)

After the movie I’m planning on putting on my head phones and boogie thru the housework. That is the extent of the sweating I plan to do today. (and no there is not a picture of me dancing thru the house….. trust me…. it’s not pretty!!)

Well it’s 7pm and I never did get around to the housework. I managed to go grocery shopping. Why is eating healthier so much more expensive than junk food?? Then my son stopped by for a quick visit…. remember I said my kids cause me stress because they do what they want now that they don’t live at home?? WELLLLLL!!! My son built and is driving a Kikker Hardknock motorcycle soooooo Southern Californian’s drive careful!! My son is out there! (And yes now there is a picture!)

Tyler from WellStrong Fitness and I will have our first consultation on Monday morning 8am. I’m so excited to get started officially but I am doing small things that I know I need to do. Like the water……. hey! As promised I’m on my 3rd! (that’s THIRD people) bottle of water! HA!! 20 ounces more than promised! Wooo hoooo yea me!

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