5 Reasons Why Getting Older Sucks #AD #BecauseMarket

Really these are my personal thoughts on aging. There are no scientific facts for any of my reasons. This post is just one long whine. Grab some wine, a spoonful of peanut butter and let’s get started.

#1 My Mind My Memory. HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN! I can’t find my glasses because they
are hidden on my head. I walk to the kitchen with such purpose only to stop in the center of the room wondering what I was getting.
My concentration and focus are at an all time ohhhh look isn’t the sky pretty tonight? I should
soooo Instagram that…… oh wait a bear!

#2 My Skin wrinkles and pimples. I have age spots thanks to my beautifully tanned skin my whole life. My skin is dry. My fingernails have started to curve under. WHATTHEWHAT!? Wiry black hairs grow on my earlobes and chin?! Not to mention my mustache!!! What the %$*+ is that all about!?!
Lesson learned. Wear YOUR SUNSCREEN!!

#3 My body I swear I can gain weight just by looking at pictures in a magazine. I walk/run on the
treadmill everyday for 3 miles and under 50 minutes. I follow my WW meals and points and do I lose? No!! My fat has become extremely attached to me! No matter how much I beg to break up with it!
My feet hurt. My knuckles have started growing lumps and bumps. More pop up overnight.
I’m afraid to go to sleep! Pounds pop on… ohhhh wait a second maybe these arthritis nubs
actually weigh 5 pounds each!?! With that logic I can pass as Twiggy!

#4 My bladder. Let’s talk full circle here. I went from wearing a diaper to being potty trained
and happy for ohhhh 50 years or so. Then came menopause and I feel like I could easily wear
a diaper again! Sneeze? Ohhh nooo. Laugh hysterically at something? Ohhhh nooo. Waited too
long to head to the bathroom? OHMYGOSH NOOOOO.
You get the idea. After 12 years I was back to buying feminine pads! Then 60 hit and my body
once again is angry at me for neglecting my kegels! Now I need a heavier pad. However, let me
tell you! Buying an adult diaper is way more embarrassing than the tampons and pads ever were!
I think if it weren’t for the discreet shipping from Because Market I would just buy LUVS diapers and make them work. Discreet mailing is just one reason that these are so great. There is a quiz that you can take that steers you to the perfect product for your needs. Because Market not only has bladder protection but skin care, wellness products, CBD products and skin care. All for men or women.  I so wish I had known about this site when my Mom was bed bound. The products would have been amazing for her. No rinse cleansing spray to flushable wipes. Compression socks to oral care.
#5 My Hair. Okay, this could possibly be more my own fault rather than aging. I have done a LOT to it over my 62 years. Starting the summer I turned 15 and used Sun-In alllllllll summer long to dying my hair every color under the stars. I’ve permed it, teased it and occasionally pulled it (you know, when my kids were teenagers) I have had long hair. I shaved it all off during quarantine. (Not one of my best ideas! My hair has grown out but it is so much thinner? Wait WHAT!?! Yup, I see way too much scalp.) I let it go gray, it was not the pretty gray ohhhh nooooo not MY hair! I grabbed a box of hair dye and went back to red and my hair started growing faster! Not thicker, noooo just longer. So now I color it more often! Well, played hair. Well played.

YOUR Turn What about you? What is your aging complaint(s)? Be sure to speak loudly because my hearing isn’t what it use to be either.

BTW I absolutely positively will take all the aches, pains, sagging, drooping, leaking, blurred life over the alternative. Ya, know just sayin’. But the blog name alone says I have to whine occasionally it’s a law or something I am sure I read that somewhere…. or I coulda just made that up.

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  • heather

    This post is such a crack up I am sitting here nodding my head yes to all of these things. My memory is shot I totally forget things in the grocery store that I need so I make a list then I forget get the list out of my purse! And don’t even get me started on my bladder I drink a lot of hot tea, cold tea, water and coke and boy I am always in the bathroom.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    My latest whine is night sweats. I’ve had so many restless nights lately. From the back of my neck and down my décolletage the sweat runs to pool between my boobs – yuck!

  • Crystal K

    LOL Sun-In!!! I remember that stuff. I made one foray into dyeing my hair and never did it again. For now I’ll be grateful for no grays!

  • Tamra Phelps

    The old saying that youth is wasted on the young is true! I want my thick hair back, too, Connie, and my good knees and the ability to eat cold pizza for breakfast without needing Tums, lol.

  • Rosie

    I have to give a lot of planning to just about everything, whether that means ensuring there will be a bathroom, or what shoes, you name it. As for my hair, I miss my pretty golden brown hair. But to dye it that color means gray and white roots start showing in a couple of days. So a few times a year I lighten it, esp the back that is darker, and be done with it, people say I’m blonde. Although I would be glad to be a brownette again, but it it too high maintenance.

  • mami2jcn

    I can relate to a lot of these! But I wouldn’t worry about the extra pounds if I were you…a little extra chub fills out wrinkles. I’ve seen people lose weight and age decades overnight, so it’s better to be a little chubby IMO.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Yes, yes and more yeses! This is the reality of aging – none of your air-brushed celebrity BS – you’ve hit the ageing nail on the flipping head with this post, Connie. And the creaking and aching, oh God, just for one day I’d love to be able to get on my knees to pull weeds without having to worry if I’ll be able to get up again. Here’s one for you: A work colleague & I went to Dublin Airport to collect a group travelling back from the Special Olympic World Games in China. Well, nature called so we pulled over, I found a discreet place to squat and got stuck. On the side of the motorway, in the dark, with 20 young people anxious and excited to get home, and I couldn’t budge. They all thought it was hilarious of course and by the following morning everyone at work knew, their families knew, even the local press knew (thankfully didn’t publish).

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