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Good nutrition is one fundamental key to staying healthy. It can actually be regarded as the most primary aspect to healthy living. Without it, an individual’s body would be subject to various deformities and body conditions like stunted growth, skin infections and general pale skin. This is why proper nutrition is regarded as a compulsory requirement for children to ensure their healthy growth (both mentally and physically) and their general wellbeing.

Generally, a person lacking good nutrition is regarded as being malnourished. This is a condition that occurs as a result of very little or a total lack of good nutrition.

While many people in the society today are obviously not malnourished, a lot do not often get the proper nutrition that the body requires. The reasons usually given for this are varied. You will however find that among the top most common reasons that people give is that they have busy schedules that take up most of their time.

As a simple solution to ensure their bodies get a good supply of the nourishment it requires, many have resorted to smoothies.

Basic Facts About Smoothies

It is a drink made from an assortment of vegetables and fruits, mixed with water and sometimes with milk and yoghurt etc., depending on the choice or taste of the maker. When these ingredients are gathered together, they are then blended into a smooth creamy liquid. You can read more about it here.

Its ingredients however, are not just limited to vegetables and fruits, they could be so much more. This is because, with the right mix of ingredients, your smoothies can be the most nourishing food or beverage you may consume in your day.

They can more than adequately replace your regular food. However, this can only be the case if and only if you get your smoothies right.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Taking It Along With Your Breakfast: If your aim is to lose a bit of weight, then you should not take it along with your breakfast. This is because, with the proper ingredients, it should take the place of your normal meal, especially breakfast.
  2. Adding Too Much Fruit: While fruits are generally a good thing, with great nutritional value, they however contain a lot of calories. This might prove a hindrance to your original goal of reducing your calorie intake thus, you should be conscious of its fruit content.
  3. Be Cautious with Sweeteners: This is another place where many get it wrong, especially with plant based milks, coconut sugars or others of the lot. Many assume that since they are all natural, that they all go together. This is wrong, reduce its sugar or sweetener content.
  4. Be Cautious With Boosters: Boosters like the Blender Bombs smoothie enhancers are generally a great thing especially when you add it to your smoothies. But yes! There can be such a thing as too much of a good thing, which is then bad. Caution is needed.

How to Make Your Highly Nutritious Smoothie

Though people and their needs vary, and there obviously is no scientific method to this, below is a basic guide on how to go about this

  • Firstly, it is best to begin with the fruits. Be they your mangoes, strawberries, pineapples bananas etc. A cup should be enough for a start.
  • Add some vegetables, especially if they contain antioxidants. A good example is spinach. Some people might get concerned that the flavor from these vegetables might affect the smoothie. This is not so because the flavors from the fruit will over shadow this.
  • Now you can add your proteins like your chickpeas, cottage cheese, legumes and your Greek yoghurt. Be conscious and deliberate about your measurements for e.g. ½ or a cup of Greek yoghurt should be enough for one person.
  • You can also use your plant based fat. Though you should be cautious if you are to add this since they are high in calorie content.
  • To really make your smoothies a meal replacement, you should add an enhancer like. The right enhancer will add a load of nutritious value to the mix.
  •  Now you can add your liquids. You could use water, coconut water, milk or even juice.
  • You could decide to add some flavor boosters. This is however as you will not always require it.

Obviously, there are many other recipes out there that are equally very nutritious that you could make do with once you’re certain you can use them. You should also add more variety to your style as this will make the whole process a more fun experience.

You can visit to learn more about making highly nourishing smoothies.


The quality of nutrition an individual gets from his/her meals greatly impacts the person’s quality of life. Sadly, not everyone takes this seriously.

Luckily with smoothies, an effective short cut to boosting your body’s nourishment has been provided. 


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