Which Events Are Best for Small Towns To Host?

Which Events Are Best for Small Towns To Host?

Big city life isn’t for everyone. The hustle, the bustle, and the never-ending smorgasbord of events often overshadow the charm and character of good ol’ small towns. But who said small-town events can’t rack up some serious fun points? They take some planning and a dash of creativity, but they can turn out great in the end. If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions for events that work wonders in smaller towns.

Annual Heritage Hoedown

Reconnect with your roots and remind the young folks about yesteryear with an annual heritage celebration. Dust off those vintage hats and suspenders because this shindig’s all about reenacting local history. Complete the event with parades and hometown eats. Host a celebration that expertly recreates the town’s founding, complete with crank cars and side-saddle horses. It’ll be a sight to behold and a great reminder of why small-town lore is just plain cool.

Mega-Market Madness

Mega-markets are essentially a combination of flea markets and destination events. Picture it: your local square bustling with vendor booths, farm-fresh produce, and handcrafted trinkets. The atmosphere is electric. And who needs the internet when you’ve got Mrs. Johnson’s famous apple butter and that one dude who carves sculptures out of cheese? Yes, cheese. I’m talking cows, cars, and a community supporting local entrepreneurs. You might even find a gem or two amongst the aisles!

Charity Concert Showdown

It’s time for your town’s talent (or lack thereof) to shine bright like a diamond. Organize a charity concert where locals can take the stage for a good cause—whether it’s raising funds for a new playground or that historically inaccurate town clock that needs fixing. The off-key ballads, impromptu poetry readings, and interpretive dance groups will leave a lasting impression. With every cringe-worthy performance, you’ll remember that supporting each other isn’t about the pitch-perfect notes but the heart behind them.

Fun Run Follies

For our next suggestion of events that are great for small towns, we think you should consider a 5K where the only prize is the pride of saying, “I did it.” A fun run is an inclusive event that promotes health and a friendly community spirit among all participants, from serious athletes to those who haven’t run since the last fire drill. Just make sure you plan it out properly and keep safety in mind. Fortunately, temporary fences are perfect for small-town events like fun runs, so be sure to utilize them around busy areas of the route.

Donation Drive Derby

Sometimes, giving is the greatest game. Try hosting a super donation drive where citizens compete to give the most. Need new school supplies? Watch the town’s generosity compete with World Cup-level fervor. Each donation becomes a point of pride, and the act of giving becomes an uplifting event of its own, worthy of a town-wide pat on the back—and perhaps a parade in its honor. There’s no better legacy for a small town than the community’s enduring spirit of giving back.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I really like going to festivals in small towns in KY. Like an apple festival, or a music festival. You find all kinds of crafts and foods for sale at those festivals.

  • Barrie

    Our small town has many events, a lot annual! We have an old town square festival, Brass Band festival, weekly farmer’s markets, etc. Fun stuff!

  • heather

    I live in a small town too and we have a lot of small town events. We have car shows, fairs, carnivals, parades, concerts, rodeos, charity runs, polar plunge and lots more. I would love to go to a Annual Heritage Hoedown that sounds so fun.

  • gloria patterson

    This weekend (started Friday evening) was softball tournaments. Was listening to the radio and they were talking about all the diffent prices for going to games. One of them was this amount and they could go all of them or just what they wanted to. They have a big softball field and it is a lot of different teams from around the state.

  • Tamra Phelps

    The small town I live in has a classic car show event every Summer. It draws a lot of people. You wouldn’t believe how many people are into those cars.

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