How To Improve Your Home’s Front Door Security

How To Improve Your Home’s Front Door Security

Your front door plays an important role in your home’s safety. A weak or poorly monitored door can act as an open invitation to intruders, threatening your safety and peace of mind. But don’t worry! Here’s how to improve your home’s front door security so you can feel—and be—safer.

Install a Security Camera

Sure, the classic peephole lets you confirm the pizza delivery guy is really there, but a security camera is a much safer option for verifying who’s outside your home. A security camera is a digital watchdog that never sleeps. Choose one that sends alerts to your phone when it detects motion. It should also come with an intercom system so you can alert potential intruders that you’re watching them.

Upgrade the Door Itself

Upgrading the door itself can turn your home’s entrance from a burglar’s welcome mat to an unbreachable fortress. Think robust materials that are difficult and nigh on impossible to break down. For example, a steel door can improve your home’s value and strengthen security—two valuable benefits wrapped up in one solid door. A sturdy door frame and deadbolt locks are also important, as these will further bolster your front door’s security.

Illuminate Your Entrance

A well-lit entrance is a powerful deterrent for would-be intruders. It’s hard to sneak around when you’re illuminated like the main attraction at a Broadway show. Installing motion-sensitive lighting will shine a spotlight on anyone approaching your home, effectively scaring off anyone with bad intentions.

Reinforce Windows Near the Door

Burglars don’t love extra work. Reinforcing any windows near your door adds another layer of complication to their plans. Security films and window bars can make these potential weak spots as impenetrable as the rest of your front-door fortifications.

You deserve to feel safe in your home, and knowing how to improve your home’s front door security can help you achieve this peace of mind. Explore getting security cameras, a new door, motion-sensing lights, and window reinforcements if you want to upgrade your security.


  • Suzie B

    I am encouraging my parents to step up their security after a pretty scary vandalism event where 2 windows were smashed with a machete! SEcurity cams are inexpensive these days but can make a huge difference for safety!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Good ideas. I espeially think the windows near the door are overlooked a lot. I mean if all you have to do is break a window to reach the door lock…that’s nuts.

  • gloria patterson

    These are really great tips…………… for home living. I am lucky I live in a very secure building. Anybody that wants in has to buzz the apartment they are going to. And our doors are heavy and have the peep holes.

    Our building also has cameras in the enrty way, the public area and the elevators.

    And our parking lot also has lots of lights and security cameras.

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