LED Bulb Light For Home Security! Check This Out!

Y’all know how much I love my techie stuff. ESPECIALLY the hidden camera stuff. It fascinates me and well, really they are just plain COOL!!

Check this camera out! It’s a LIGHTBULB!! This lightbulb has a bunch of perks.

Survellience Light BlubThe light arrives very well packaged. Arrives with an additional bulb extender incase you want to use the bulb in a fixture that is inset. VERY handy!! Survellience light bulb Survellence Light Bulb

I’m impressed that folks at GERI thought of all the little things like a small pin that fits in the RESET area. Survellience Light BulbThe camera doesn’t even look like a camera more like a decoration. Survellence light bulb

The bulb provides light yes. That one was easy. This bulb also records video! AND has a speaker in it as well So that I can hear and speak while I’m out of the area.

The bulb will work in a ceiling fixture or even a lamp. The camera provides a 360° panoramic view of the area. The lens is a fish eye lens that has no blind areas. Great HD quality. AND NIGHT VISION!!

Seriously this is a cool bulb! Oh and it also puts off a cool white light. (Like how I fit that in there?)

The light has 2 way audio that is very clear both ways.  This security camera bulb is SO COOL!!

The light feels ‘movement’ in the area the light is in. So it’s truly a motion detection surveillance camera. I can have the camera email me or just record on a Micro SD card. (Not included, so be sure to grab a card when you order the light!) The light will take up to 128GB.

Surveillance with night vision up to 16 FEET away!! Even in a totally dark room!

This camera can even help you interact with your pets while you are away. Or watch kids in a playroom or craft room. Like mine.

Okay, so nothing from the peanut gallery about my craft area. The room is very small and compact but it is very organized. HONEST.  It just looks…… well…. fine its FULL; like packed to the gills. But it’s all mine. So go ahead…. just know that my entire family has the same thoughts! Everybody’s a critic!

The bulb was super easy to set up once I looked in my spam folder for the activation code. Be sure to put the Micro SD card in before you start set up. Set up to my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone was wicked fast. Set up to my iPad equally as quick. Added bonus I can share the camera with any one I want thru the app. Truly the easiest set up that I’ve ever had with a surveillance camera.


Set up was super easy so no whines there. The picture is clear so no whines there. My only whine is that I need a bigger space to create! But, that’s not the bulbs fault. Over all a great way to see what’s going on in your space while you are away.



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