Home Organization 101 Notebook Review

Home Organization 101 Notebook
A simple guide to simplifying your life!
I was given the opportunity to review the Home Organization 101 Notebook.  I tried the system for a full 2 weeks.  I have to say I’m impressed.  This isn’t a big book. There aren’t tons of pages to read.  There aren’t a million and one jobs that you really won’t do for the day let alone for the whole week!!  Okay, I take that back…. you might……. but I know I WON’T ’cause I’m basically pretty lazy! I want a clean house… but I would rather search the Internet for giveaways… play with Baby Alice… take pictures…visit blogs…. tweet…. go to the library… basically anything else…. BUT I hate it when the house is dirty…. even though we hardly ever get company… I still want a clean house. Seriously!!  What if Ellen comes over?!?!  (WOW that rant went on and on and on!!)
Okay, so back to Home Organization 101….. it WORKS!!
The system is easy. There are certain small jobs that you do in the morning, afternoon and evening.
I put my ‘cheat sheet’ in a plastic 8×10 sleeve and tacked it inside the pantry door.  I used a wipe off marker to check off the chores.  My house is clean.  TWO weeks!!  TWO weeks and I’ve kept up!!  I’m not devoting the entire weekend to cleaning. As a matter of fact I take off Sunday COMPLETELY!!!!
There are Bi-Weekly and Monthly chores to complete. Fall and Spring cleaning chores and a laundry chore list.
My favorite parts of  ‘The Home Organization 101 Notebook’ are when you print it out it’s pretty with decorative boarders and pretty fonts.  There are extra pages for notes.  Party planning. Blog planning pages.
I think what works so great is that sometimes you just need that little reminder to do certain things and it truly makes a difference.  TWO weeks PEOPLE!!! TWO weeks!!  I read somewhere that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a natural habit….. let’s hope that’s true cause then I’m half way there!!!
If I could add one thing I would add a ‘Pick your own’ chore lines at the bottom of each page.  You know everyone has things in there house that are unique for their home.  Like the fish tank….. if it’s not on the list… do I still have to clean it??  Shouldn’t they have to keep their own ‘spot’ clean?
OHHHHHHHHHH wait………… that’s what the blank pages are for!!!!!  Never mind!!!
Ashley at Sweet Pea Lifestyle  did a great job!
While you are at it go look at Ashley’s other page for some AMAZING photographs!!!
Cute baby
I have to share Alice is doing her fake sleep.  Look at that FACE!!!!!  SEE??? Wouldn’t you rather play and take pictures with Alice than clean the house??   Thank you Ashley… cause now I have time and a clean house!!

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