Homeleader Air Purifier!! Air Cleaning System Review

I’ve mentioned before that several years ago we added a Mother-In-Law addition on to our home for my Mom. This is the perfect little apartment where Mom is completely set up with her own space; from the kitchen to a covered patio. Now, here is where the whine of the day comes in!! Her covered patio is on the other side of the window in my little craft room sanctuary and my MOTHER smokes. It’s a nasty habit mother!! Anyway….. that is my whine. (I love you Mommy)
I was thrilled to be offered this Air Purifier from Homeleader and I’m even more thrilled right this second when I’m sitting at my desk typing away, Mom is outside having a cigarette break and my Air Purifier is cleaning away the smell. I can actually sit in my room comfortably.

This is an exceptional design with not just one but 3 filters!! The True HEPA Filter captures and filters 99% of dust and allergens as small as 3 microns!! From germs, mold spores to dust mites and most importantly to me cigarette smoke GONE!!

This is one smart machine! There is an air quality sensor that goes to work even when I’m not home. When I am in my room it’s so whisper quiet you don’t know that it’s on and working it’s little heart out.

With different speed options like automatic (which is what I use so the machine is working when I’m not at home) manual and ultra quiet. When the Purifier is in manual mode you have 4 speeds to choose from.


When the filters need replacing or cleaning there is a reminder that flashes! HOW smart is this machine!??! The Purifier is super easy to assemble and disassemble; simply snap off the front piece.

When the Purifier arrived it was much larger than I thought it would be from the picture. It stands almost 26″ high and 14″ wide and a little over 7″ deep; so it’s very compact. It’s also a pretty machine in it’s silver with white trim. You truly wouldn’t know it was an Air Purifier. Each filter was individually wrapped, fitting it together was super easy. Each filter also has a small tab along the top for easy in and out.


Well, other than… ya know… mother….. but whines about the Air Purifier? NOT a SINGLE ONE!! I could NOT be more thrilled if I tried. I promise you this machine has made a difference in the air quality in my room that is unbelievable. I am thoroughly and completely loving this machine. I can’t imagine being without it. I also can’t imagine the slack I’m gonna get from this post!! Once again… I love you Mommmmmmm!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ve just seen Helen’s response! Now we know where the sense of humour and addiction to looooong words comes from!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, my Mom used to smoke (congestive heart failure finally stopped her from smoking), so I know what you mean about the smell. Mom says when she smoked she never noticed it, but now if she pulls out an old shirt or something that she hasn’t worn in years, it smells of cigarettes (even though it was washed– she smoked while folding clothes, lol.)

  • Michele Pineda

    My air quality in my house is not good, especially come winter time with forced hot air heat… but I manage. I do have an air purifier that works ok but I need to invest in another one soon for the living room. Very nice review!

  • Crystal Collier

    We had to get an air purifier a few years ago. Allergies. You’re a saint to put up with the smoking. My house will ALWAYS be a non smoking zone, as will my porch or yard. Call me paranoid, but my father passed away from lung cancer, and he was as healthy as they come. Never smoked.

  • michele soyer

    Thank you for this post…I have a definite smoking problem in my house and this would be a great help…The smoke smell drives me crazy and makes me cough and my daughter gets headaches….

  • Rosie

    I’d like to have one of these, the air is shared among the units where I am so I have to breathe cigarette smoke and the traffic from the road. yuk.

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