Homeleader ® Touchless 6-Liter Trash Can Review

Y’all know me, I am a tech junkie. I can’t help it! If it’s a gadget I want it! This gadget is really very cool!! The Homeleader TOUCHLESS Trash Can!

Who woulda thought I could excited over a trashcan?! I wish that I would have had this trashcan when Alice was in diapers because this would have been even cooler than it is now!!

Starting with packaging, the trashcan arrives extremely well packaged. Nestled in fitted styrofoam the trashcan arrives without a single dent or ding anywhere. Added packaging is the fact that the base of the trashcan arrives wrapped in a film so you are assured there are no scratches or marks anywhere on this stainless-steel trash can. It’s very shiny and very nice to look at. Shining silver and matte black textured ABS plastic lid. It’s nice looking!

The lid fits nice and snug. Inside is a separate handled bucket so that emptying the trashcan is super easy. I’ve also found that the handle keeps the plastic trash bag stable.

However, the looks are the WOW part of this trash can; although they could be. The WOW is the touchless part. Simply wave your hand about 6 inches or so over the lid and it silently and quickly pops open. 5 seconds later, it silently and gently closes. The kid in me played with the lid for several minutes cause it’s so dang cool!!!

The lid does take 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

The size we were given for testing is the 6 liter size, which at first I thought was too small for my needs. However, after placing it in the bathroom I decided it’s actually the perfect size for my small bathroom!! It fits between the toilet and the cupboard perfectly!!


Not a single whine from me. I love how the sensor is automatic but doesn’t just pop the lid open if you just happen to walk by. I also love that the infrared motion sensor is water-resistant. It does take your hand going over the lid, but it doesn’t matter if your hands are wet. LOVE that!! (Yes, I am still playing with the trash can!) The materials of this touchless trashcan are fingerprint resistant which is really nice and helps keep it looking clean. The overall design is just great. I am thoroughly pleased. Not a single whine here!


  • Tamra Phelps

    It is pretty cool. I think I need on in the kitchen! I wonder how big they make them? I’ll have to go look at them.


    These are like the ones they have in hospitals & doctors’ surgeries here in Ireland and yes, Connie, they are fun to play with!

  • michele soyer

    i have always had a touchless garbage can in the kitchen one with the pedal on the base but this is awesome.. well I guess I have to buy one…

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