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How Christie Made Nutrisystem Work and Lost Over 20 Pounds

You all know I am determined to lose weight before my 56th birthday in June, so, when I come across a sight that provides a ton of great information I feel like I have to share.

Nutrisystem has been around for over four decades. Needless to say, you will come across hundreds of success stories written by people who have successfully lost weight by following the weight loss program. Check some reviews at Also, has extensive Nutrisystem stories and savings promotions for the program.  

However, many of these success stories seem to be all sugar and no spice. It is almost as if the person started following Nutrisystem and Voila! the weight came off. In reality, Nutrisystem helps you lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. It takes a lot of persistence to keep up with the program when you don’t see overnight drastic reduction in your weight.

Nutrisystem_Cheese_PuffsLosing 40 Pounds After Trying Cheese Puffs

Persistence is what helped Christie achieve her weight loss goals. It was back in late 2010, three years ago, that Christie finally conceded to the idea of losing weight. At that time, Christie had been weighing just over 173 pounds. Unlike many other overweight people, Christie didn’t suffer from any major health problems because of her weight. Rather, according to her account of the story, she was in great shape. She was working out regularly and had never entertained thoughts of following a weight loss program.

Well, that all changed when she saw her golfing instructor lose weight. She liked what she saw and realized that shedding a few pounds might do her good. It was her instructor who told her about Nutrisystem. Christie shares a funny anecdote regarding this incident. Her golf instructor was eating Nutrisystem Cheese Puffs and she asked for one. That one bite was enough to convince her to go for Nutrisystem, forgoing all other weight loss programs available to her.

Christie originally wanted to get her weight to go below 140 pounds. When she managed to achieve that goal, she went on, setting new targets for herself, the latest one being 132 pounds. Even in her 29th week of following the program, she managed to lose 1 pound. So, where does the persistence come in? In the first 15 weeks of following the program, Christie lost 20 pounds. While this is in line with what Nutrisystem promises, most people don’t have the patient to persist with a program that enables them to lose just one pound per week.

She kept on going, even when the pace of the weight loss didn’t pick up. So far, she has managed to reduce over 40 pounds, which takes up the best part of a year. According to her, the reason why she has been able to continue with the program for so long despite the slow progress is the Nutrisystem food. She loves the taste of the meals they send to her every month. She also praised the fact that the Nutrisystem diet plan allowed her to eat all the food items she loves yet she still managed to achieve her weight loss goals.

Christie has shown that it takes willpower and the spirit of perseverance to complete a weight loss program. If you are looking for a weight loss program to follow, Nutrisystem might prove to be the answer to your prayers. There is no harm in giving it a go.


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