Cute puppy

Potty Training Puppies!!

They may be adorable, but there’s nothing fun about cleaning up behind them for the hundredth time, especially if they’re stinking up in the room or leaving their goodies on your good furniture. To save your floors and your sanity, here are a few tips for properly house-training your puppy.

Stay Watchful

You can’t teach a puppy anything by letting him roam freely in your home while you’re otherwise occupied. Keep a close eye on his behavior until you’ve learned to the recognize the signs of an impending accident.

Set A Schedule

Try to feed your puppy at the same time every day, and then you’ll get a handle on when, how often and how much he needs to go. Not only will you be setting good habits early, but you’ll establish a gentle dominance that will come in handy as he gets older and more rambunctious.

Try Professional Products

If your puppy is still struggling to grasp the basics of behavior modification, consider investing in professional housebreaking equipment. Brands like Modern Puppies sell everything from playpens to “potty pads” in order to help the process along, and they can even be re-used once your puppy grows older or has a litter of their own.

Don’t Overdo The Discipline

Remember, a puppy is like a baby. He won’t understand why you’re yelling at him or what he’s doing wrong. Just because you said “no” a few times doesn’t mean he’s absorbed the lessons of action and consequence. Stay patient, remain vigilant and give him time to grow and learn.


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