How to Add Character to Your Model or Brand New Home

Model homes and brand new homes offer the convenience of being move-in ready with little to nothing to fix or replace. They’re great for newly wed couples or young families who are just starting out and don’t have the time or finances to fix up an older home with charming character. Many young homebuyers wish they could have an older home with more character, but the convenience and price of a newer home are just too good to pass up. It’s actually pretty easy to add some much-needed character to a newer home with a few of these ideas.

It’s easy to imagine beige, neutral colors when picturing a new or model home. Paint is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to add some life to your home and the best thing is that it can be painted over again if you ever decide to move. Decorate your home in colors you love – add some bright accent walls to neutral colors to give your home some warmth and character. Consult paint guides and online guides to help you match colors and hues to the rest of your home. It’s easiest to paint just prior to moving in, so you don’t have to worry about moving furniture or covering anything other than the floor or baseboards.

Do Your Research

Some newer homes do have character qualities, so be sure to look for those as you’re shopping. Whether it be interesting archways, pretty windows, unique countertops, or stonework, pay attention to these details and research ways to play up the house’s characteristics. Shelby Township homes for sale offer some newer houses with the conveniences you’re looking for and some character qualities that would be easy to enhance. Pay attention to the shape of spaces as well. Even if some of the rooms don’t have the exact elements you’d like, it’s not impossible to add cosmetic changes, such as new counter tops, a stained glass window, a new mantle on a fireplace, a gas fireplace, or even updated flooring. Consider these factors as you set your budget.

Older homes may be in need of a new roof.  There are plenty of types to choose from,  a shingle roof, Spanish tile, or a metal roof.  Depending on where you live a quick internet search for roofers will point you in the correct direction. For instance, if you live in the Midwest, it would be good to get in contact with this metal roofing contractor in Minnesota, but your search can of course be tailored to your location and exact
Even if you can’t make the changes now, you may be able to in the future.

Bring in the Eclectic painting-a-house-interior1

One way to give a standardized home more character is through eclectic furniture and accessories. Instead of focusing on matching the home’s style with only new items, have some fun scouring antique stores, auctions, and garage sales to find elements that will bring the old in. Mix these elements with newer items, adding different shapes and textures to give your home depth and warmth. These, along with pops of color, will give any home a look that is uniquely you.

About the author: Samantha is moving into a new home and she can’t wait to add character to her home by following these tips.


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