How To Enjoy Writing Again

Writing is something you can easily lose passion for. After all, if you do it as a day job, you might not want to pick up a pen and craft a whole new imaginary world you’ve been daydreaming about for a long time now! However, it’s important to keep writing enjoyable at all times, because it’ll improve your craft, help you find your motivation again, and it’s a lot more fun to type or write out your sentences when you really believe in and enjoy them! So, without further ado, here are a few ways you can learn to enjoy writing again. 

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Write What Makes You Happy

Don’t spend your spare time writing about things you don’t really care about. If you want to enjoy writing again, you need to write about what you’re interested in, and what makes you happy. Even if no one will want to read what you’re typing out, as long as you find some enjoyment and happiness in each inciting incident that you have written, you’re going to be much more inclined to keep on writing when you’ve finished. 

So do some research and finally write about those unsolved crimes, like the ones that get talked about on podcasts and TV shows. Take the time to write out some characters you’ve been dwelling on, and write some one shots about their adventures. Go slow and go easy, and have fun with what you’re writing. 

Get Creative

Writing fiction means you need to be creative, but if you want to write something you really enjoy, you need to get creative. You need to involve yourself fully with the story you’re crafting, and that means making the narrative entirely your own. 

Think about a new world you could go to, think about the kind of people you’d meet there, and even if you want a realistic story, there’s nothing against making up your own words and phrases for them to use or be named after. It’s why a random word generator even exists in the first place – so you’re not alone in trying to come up with something unique or outlandish. 

Reward Yourself

Writing might seem like a chore at the moment, and because of that, you need to come up with some ways to reward yourself when you get through something. Take the time to make something nice to eat, that you get a piece or a slice of whenever you finish a certain scene or passage. Using a reward system can work very well to motivate you, and if you want to enjoy writing again, why not let yourself expect something nice for all that hard work you’ve just done? 

If you’ve lost your passion for writing, it’s time to get it back again. Working out what you want to write, and then setting up an environment that makes it fun to do, are both going to go a long way to ensuring you’re happy with a blank word document in front of you. 


  • Tamra Phelps

    I agree that you have to enjoy the subject you’re writing about. When someone tells me I should write about what’s happened to me over the last few years, I just think ‘no way. I don’t even like to think about it.’ Right now, it would make me miserable, and I’d never be motivated to finish it.

  • Rosie

    I recall that creative writing was enjoyable in high school and younger. I can’t think of anything to write about, other than my grocery list and things like that. I never cease to be amazed at good books whether fiction or historical. My fav are solid non-fiction, but that requires a ton of research. I give writers a lot of credit. I think if I wrote a book it could be good sleep medicine, as it would bore you into a deep snore!

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