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How To Improve Your Child’s Hand-Eye Coordination!

As a parent, we always want the best for our children, it’s all we could ever dream of. We want them to develop well and do good in school. Get into college studying something they love, graduating, and then get offered the job they have always wanted. Then, of course, meet someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and live happily ever after. – It’s all we want. And you can actually play a very big part in giving them a headstart from a young age.

There are many different skills that your child will naturally pick up early on in life, like speaking, for example. They do as they see, so essentially the more that you can show them, the quicker they’ll learn. – This is also why you also need to be very careful with what you say and do around them that may not be so appropriate, because they learn – fast.

Hand-eye coordination is a brilliant skill that you can teach your children in many different ways. Here are a few examples of how you can do that.

Rolling a ball

This is well encouraged for younger children or for those who haven’t yet progressed as well as others. All you need is the floor and a ball, so sit somewhere comfortable with your little one with both of your legs spread wide facing each other. Then simply roll the ball towards them between their legs. The initial goal is to direct the ball so that it touches your child’s stomach. If it does – you get a point. But your child’s job is to try and stop the ball before it touches their stomach, and if they succeed, they get the point instead.

Throwing and catching

You can really do this with any object as long as it’s easy to handle, but a ball is probably the simplest thing to use. As you can probably imagine, the point of this game is to throw and catch the ball. You want to encourage them to be able to catch the ball, and then throw it back to you so that you can do the same. This improves their coordination because they will need to know the right time to grab the ball as it’s going through the air. Another great thing about this activity, in particular, is that you can do it anywhere, be it inside the comfort of your own home, or outside in the garden or in a park.

Video games

If your child is a little older and likes the idea of entering a virtual world where anything is possible, then you should take a look at games like FF15 A New Empire. This is where you are able to create your very own kingdom, slay monsters, hunt for treasure, and explore the lost world. While doing all of that, your child will have to go through various tasks and missions to move further on in the game, and all of these will test your child’s hand-eye coordination and response time. The more they play, the better they’ll get.


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