Six Gadgets You Need To Get Creative In The Kitchen!

Beyond your standard battery of kitchen gadgets that just get you by, you should have a few stored away for when the kitchen can be used for more than just your average weeknight dinner. Better yet, turn that sometimes boring weeknight dinner into something fantastic and fun with the use of one of these gadgets!

  1. Mixer: We know we said beyond the standard. But, how many of the conventional kitchen mixers have the ability to make ice cream? To make incredibly long spirals of noodles, veggie or otherwise? When you look at your mixer, and you need to add some flair to food, take a look at the variety of attachments that can be purchased for it. Kitchenaid mixers are potentially the best known for this. From helping you prep fresh and interesting food, creating your own artisan meats and kinds of pasta, or going to new levels with sweets and desserts, there’s usually an attachment for that. Another brand to look out for is Robot Coupe, which offers the keen chef everything from mixers and immersion blenders, to automatic juicers or a robot coupe processor.
  2. Torch: Aside from crème Brulee, a torch in the kitchen is a must have to express some creativity with food. You can blister the skin on fruits and veggies, giving that grill appeal without having to fire up the grill. There are a number of heat based reactions you can use it for with meat such as with getting that perfect crackle on pork or crisping up bacon-wrapped anything. It can also be used in meringue or baked Alaska. A blow torch is an essential tool to get creative in the kitchen.
  3. Herb Scissors, cake scissors, pizza scissors and others: Just like the tremendous fun experienced when using funkily shaped scissors on construction paper as a kid, now the same creativity can happen in the kitchen.Herb scissors are one of the most popular forms of funky scissors, and they are incredibly useful not to spend time dicing up miniature plants that are packed with flavor.Also, more common in the baking and sweet treat industry are modern versions of your favorite shaped scissors. Most bakers will use these to cut out different shapes of fondant, but they can also be used for an interesting cookie shape, new shapes of pasta that actually can’t be bought in stores, or for a salad with a few new shapes. In addition, if you can’t find scissors to do the job, pick any shape you like, and it’s a solid bet that there’s a cookie cutter for it.Oversized pizza scissors are definitely a thing too. This can make cutting pizza potentially more fun than eating it.Bottom line – kitchen scissors of all kinds are out there, making home cooking more fun to do and to eat!
  4. Customized tools: Don’t forget to add some just-because-fun to your kitchen. Cooking need not be so serious all of the time. It’s easy to make cooking more enjoyable with fun and funky styles of go-to tools.Things like a ctrl+o themed bottle opener, or oven mitts shaped like the mouse clicking icon. With the custom options available, pick your favorite theme and upgrade some of your most trusted tools to fit it. Decals are an easy way to do this too without shelling out the cash for a whole additional tool.
  5. Silicon everything: From its nonstick properties to its ability to be shaped into just about anything, silicon has rightfully earned a place in the kitchen. Jumpstart your creativity to make food concoctions for gifts or yourself by using a silicon gummy bear mold. Gadgets made of silicon offer a new and improved cooking experience, and far more ways to get creative than a typical metal pan and cooking spray ever thought about. And the best part – they are extremely easy to use, get your baked goods out of unscathed, and clean. No more wrestling muffins out of their tins and watching them crumble or taking the brillo pad to the cooking sheet to get the burned dough off.
  6. Reinvented gadgets: What we mean by this is old gadgets that have been completely re-envisioned. For instance – the toaster. With the use of transparent nano-electric membrane technology, there are toasters in quite an array of shapes that can be a beautiful kitchen piece that is functional as well. One such toaster even imprints leaves onto your bread, as it is in the shape of a tree.Sometimes, to get the creative juices flowing again, you just need to see what is available for a tried and tested gadget. If there’s something in your kitchen that you adore, and use on a regular basis, look at different designs for it that could get you new and exciting results.

Sometimes, the kitchen is regulated as such a serious place for business (food) transactions only. It is easy to get sucked into regular food preparation and become bored with cooking and eating home-cooked meals. But food can become more of a creative medium than just daily sustenance. Sourcing out new gadgetry to help inspire your creativity in the kitchen can make it a much more enjoyable place to be and work in. Check out places like to find out the best kitchen gadgetry to add some creativity back into your kitchen.


  • CJ

    I’m not my best in the kitchen but I would add a dicer to the list if you hate chopping vegetables like me. I’m terrible at it… and slow. lol…

  • Michele Soyer

    I love kitchen gadgets.. they make kitchen time so much easier.. the torch is something I really need and want but alas my daughter doesn’t trust me with one.. LOL

  • Maureen

    I do not cook very well. I try when it coms to cooking and to baking (of which I am a bit better). But I love to have a stand mixer because we do make a lot of the sweet treats at holidays.

  • Rosie

    I don’t have a mixer or a torch. I have a teeny kitchen with hardly any space, and already keep a bunch of things in another room. It would be nice to have a huge kitchen with everything! These gadgets are all good to have!

  • Cathy French

    I am by far no Martha Stewart in the kitchen but I like to try new things. Kitchen gadgets are a fun and helpful way to learn new techniques and try new recipes. I’m a sucker to buy gadgets I have never used before.

  • Tara Peterson

    A mixer is on my wish list for real! I’m dying for one of the beautiful Kitchen aid ones! They’re so handy for so many things!! I love silicon products too, they’re so easy to clean.

  • Natalie

    I just got silicon mats and dish holders which are amazing! I also would add that sharp knives are a must have kitchen item.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Best gadget ever is this smallish chopper I bought years ago. You just put the onions, celery, whatever in it, put the lid on and push the button. Diced up in seconds! It’s older than Methuselah (spelling??) and was so cheap, but still works.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I buy them and then they sit gathering dust. For his last Christmas I bought Dad one of those things for preparing fresh pineapple which he loved but to be honest he made more of a mess than just using a knife!

  • mami2jcn

    Having a torch seems like a lot of fun! I’ve always wanted to make little Portuguese custard pastries my mother in law makes with a torch.

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