How To Make Divorce Easier on Your Children

Divorce can be a challenging period for families, impacting not only the partners but also the children. The emotional turmoil and uncertainty can leave the kids caught in the middle. Children may experience various emotions during this time, ranging from confusion to sadness to guilt. Below, we’ve explained numerous ways to make divorce easier on your children and help parents guide them through this difficult time.

Prioritize Honest Communication

One crucial step is to honestly communicate the news of the divorce to your child in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner. While they don’t need details on why the divorce is happening, your kids should know the split isn’t their fault. Most importantly, your children need to know that both of their parents love them unconditionally. It’s important to listen to and validate their feelings, even if you may not agree or understand.

Arrange a family meeting before initiating the divorce proceedings. Explain to your children what divorce means and how it will impact their lives. Make them aware of the changes they should expect so they don’t feel caught off guard when these changes occur.

Develop a Co-Parenting Plan

During the divorce proceedings, you and your soon-to-be ex-partner must develop a parenting plan outlining how you will care for your children while living in separate households. When creating a co-parenting agreement that works for you and your children, you’ll need to collaborate with your ex. Always prioritize your children’s needs and ensure they receive love, support, and attention from you and your co-parent.

Preserve Existing Routines

Maintaining routines is a crucial tip for making divorce easier on your children, as it provides your children with a sense of normalcy and comfort. Whether it’s their school schedule, extracurricular activities, or bedtime stories, sticking to these familiar routines can minimize disruptions in their lives.

If your change in schedule makes it hard to manage certain tasks, such as dropping your child off at activities, seek help from friends or relatives. The goal is to ensure that your children’s daily lives remain consistent.

Consider Professional Help

A family counselor or therapist can offer invaluable support, helping children understand the situation and providing coping strategies. Divorce can be quite frightening for children who feel helpless amid all the changes. A counselor can offer them a safe space to express their feelings and fears, helping them navigate this challenging transition.

It’s not the divorce itself but how you all handle it that can have a lasting impact on your children. With love, patience, and understanding, you can help them weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side.


  • Tamra Phelps

    This would be great, if only parents would follow it. Too often, they hate each other so much that they forget about what’s best for the kids.

  • gloria patterson

    Good Points!

    BUT I will tell you about a great divorce………… My brother and sister in law fought ever day with three little boys in their home. AFTER the divorce they were friends again. Sister in law remarried and brother became part of their family. It has been over almost 30 yrs and he spends ever holiday with them, the ex takes care of problems for him.


    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      ABSOLUTELY! That should be the 1st rule DO NOT bash the other parent. It’s so unfair. I love the story of your brother and ex sister in law. THAT is the way to have a divorce. Have you watched the new sitcom? EXtended Family? That is a divorce that would be amazing to have. It sounds like the writers stole your brothers idea!! LOL

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