How To Start A Business Today Without It Taking Over Your Life

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Starting a business is notoriously challenging. Many people have tried it, but only a few made it through. Success isn’t something that just happens. It takes years of work, dedication and, quite frankly, pain. 

Owning a business can be very rewarding. For example, Patricia from Certified Roofing Services, a roofing company in Portland, mentioned how owning a roofing company has allowed her to have the freedom she’s always wanted. It wasn’t easy, but well worth the effort.

That’s why many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to start businesses without them taking over their lives. Yes, they want their independence, but they don’t want to have to start working crazy eighty-hour weeks, just to keep the money flowing. 

In this post, we take a look at how to start a business today without it taking over your life.

To begin with, many choose to register their company with someone like Your Company Formations, the UK’s leading company formations agent. By registering your company in this way you can start your business effortlessly, hassle-free, with expert guidance and unique benefits. This can build a strong base for success.

Business doesn’t have to be an endless grind for ten years with a low probability of success. Instead, it can feel more like a regular job, but without the boredom or the sense of entrapment. 

So how do you actually start a business without it taking over your life (and making you stressed and miserable in the process? Let’s take a look. 

Part-time Businesses For Sale
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Join A Franchise

Opportunities for franchising, as Franchise Direct points out, are literally everywhere. Today there are so many existing business models you can just plug into that you don’t actually need to start one from scratch. The old days of grafting for years, hoping something would work, are not well and truly over.

Joining a franchise is way easier than you might think as well. Usually, you need some management experience, but not always. You don’t get complete control over the brand, as you would if you were doing your own thing, but you do get independence. You’re the boss and you make the majority of operational decisions. It’s your call when you open and close, how much you charge and who you employ. Nobody else sets the rules for you. 

Get It Generating Income Passively

At root, what is a business? Is it something that you work hard at day after day? Or is it just a system that allows you to generate additional income? 

Ultimately, your business should be a money-generating system: a cash cow. It doesn’t have to be something that you dedicate a huge amount of your time to doing. Instead, it’s something that will continue to function and perform for you financially, without massive input. 

Think of the benefits that that might bring to your life. Imagine being able to generate money passively so that you can dedicate your time to the people or projects who really matter to you. When your business works for you, it frees you up for so much more. 

Get Advice

If you want to build a business in the most productive and efficient way possible, don’t rely on your own trial and error to get you there. Instead, take the advice of people who’ve been there and done it before. Often, they know a lot that you don’t. They can point out the pitfalls and where you’re making mistakes. You can get to where you want to go faster. 


  • Tamra Phelps

    I can see how it would take over your life. I mean, making it a success would be incredibly important both financially and emotionally.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’d definitely advise getting all the help you can if you decide to go down this path. Working for yourself can be all-consuming & exhausting.

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