FINALLY!! @NOVICA Has Answered This Gal’s DREAM!!! #Undiscovered

I am 100% a NOVICA fan. I would say their biggest fan, but ya know… I just watched Misery… the whole hobbling scene… yeah I say we just go with I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE NOVNOVICA MissionICA!!!

Seriously, what is not to love??

NOVICA was founded in 1999 by a group of people from around the world, including Andy Milk, Charles Hachtmann, Michael Burns, Mina Nercessian and Jose Cervantes.

We started Novica with a dream to create a better world for artisans, because a better world for artisans is a better world for all. Along the way, we discovered something very important – as artisans around the world succeeded, there was also a visible and profound impact on the communities around them.


Now (AND the reason I am so giddy!!!) NOVICA presents Undiscovered. A subscription service!! You know that I jumped sky high at my chance to show you the first Undiscovered Subscription box.


High five me ring NOVICA

Your Undiscovered subscription box is customizable. This is seriously important to me!!! Because, it expands my shopping experience to things other than jewelry. (You know me! I’m a sucker for NOVICA jewelry. IF THEY WOULD STOP MAKING BIG BOLD RINGS I would shop in other departments. BUT, the jewelry………. ohhhh MAN!!! One of my GO-TO pieces is still the Sterling Silver High 5 ring I reviewed in 2014!!)

My Undiscovered box arrived this morning! So, I branched out with a VIDEO!! WHAAAAAAAAAA???? I KNOW RIGHT!?!? Except… well, I’m not savvy enough to figure out how to create a video where I am front-n-center AND show the products…. so after take #235 here is my video. I want y’all to take note I did my nails JUST for you!! See how special you are?!!?!

What an amazing box of goodies from Bali.  Hand woven blanket, hand made masks, the aluminum candle and the hand carved OM symbol to the teak wood bowl I am GIDDY with my newest treasures.

NOVICA items will stand the test of time. EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. that I have reviewed or purchased on my own has made it’s way to Idaho with me. Gift items have ALWAYS been received with gasps, ohhh and ahh’s and big hugs! Because each item is handmade with love.

Undiscovered WILL make an amazing gift for someone special in your life! HONEST!!

Cici Doll from BaliSo many things that I want to point out! My box included an amazing Cili doll from Bali. This is a Dewi Sri doll and it’s history is amazing!!! I hope you will hop over to wikipedia and read this article. The Balinese include her as a wish for our customers to have prosperity. It’s the little touches that make me SO HAPPY!!

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