Merry Christmas!! #ChristKindlMarket

Do I have y’all confused enough this year? It’s not even Halloween and this month I’ve wished you a Happy New Year and now Merry Christmas!!  (Again, you should see inside my brain! It’s messy in there).

65 Days Till Christmas

So, when you think about it; it’s really NOT too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping. (Whew, that was quick thinking on my part!)

I personally can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas. I love the lights, the decorations, the scents and more importantly the shopping!!

Since most of my gifts have to be mailed and our Christmas is done via Zoom (which is still better than just a phone call!) I like to shop as early as possible. I also love, love, love shopping on line. It saves me a trip to the Post Office.

I have some absolutely adorable items to share with you from I even took a short hike around the house and cut some branches off the pine trees to get myself in the Christmas spirit. My house smells so GOOD now!

Y’all know how much I LOVE Gnomes! These little guys are so stinkin’ cute! The smaller of the two can hang on the tree, but I think he is kinda sweet snuggled up next to the larger gnome. No matter what size you want has it. From stockings to large standing gnomes. gnome

German Glühwein Mug Set – Limited Edition Microwave safe!

12020 Christkindlmarket ceramic mug (Limited Edition)
1 cup of Glühwein spice mix. Make your own authentic mulled wine! (FREE)

Mulling is an old  practice that involves infusing warmed juices, ciders, or wines with a collection of luscious ingredients, and results in a smooth and soothing evening beverage.

Our Mulling Spices follow the traditional ingredients of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and dried orange peels, which create a well-rounded brew that is sweet, light, and addicting! Prepare a fragrant cup using our Mulling Spices and enjoy a cornucopia of exciting flavors!

As the Romans traveled across Europe, mulled wine was introduced to the people, who embraced the beverage that eventually came to be known as wassail. It was especially popular in medieval England during the winter months, although mulling spices were used to flavor beer and cider as well as wine. While you make mulled wine with our combination of dried orange peel, allspice, cloves and cinnamon a holiday tradition at your home, don’t overlook the everyday joy of infusing our mulling spices in tea, fruit juices, and even gin and vodka!

DIY 3D Tabletop Christmas Tree

How cute is that little 3D Tabletop tree? Either hang it from the tree or stand it on a shelf. I love all the little details. This one will just look better and better with age!

ChristKindl.Live has everyTHING Christmas!! Small German Weather stations, small tea light candle holders. Nutcrackers, stuffed animals, scarves and wraps, even Cuckoo Clocks!! Even Christmas Washi Tape!! I love the package (9 rolls) of Washi Tape! Gnomes, reindeer, snowflakes! So cute! Linen bags, ornaments, teas, puzzles and games.

I really hope you will head over to ChristKindl.Live not only for the shopping but the amazing section on Christmas Traditions Around The World and How They’re Celebrated.

NutcrackerAll this Christmas talk has me itching to put up my Christmas tree. I guess I will have to settle for the Gnomes nestled in the pine branches for right now.

I do want to leave you with a funny story though, when I was ohhh

h and ahhhing about my box of goodies from ChristKindl.Live I opened the Glühwein spice mix NOT knowing that it was a mulled spice mix…… I perhaps, MAY have thought it was trail mix. It was NOT. There was some tongue wiping and spitting. I can’t wait to try it in some wine! It smells divine!

I’d love to know what catches your eye over at ChristKindl.Live. Personally, I’m drooling over this Real German Made Baker Nutcracker Seriously! How cute is he?!

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Thank you ChristKindl.Live for getting me into the Christmas Spirit!!



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